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Comment on Shakespeare's use of violence in Romeo and Juliet.

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Comment on Shakespeare's use if violence in Romeo and Juliet Shakespeare wrote Romeo and Juliet in the Elizabethan times (1596). It was set and played in a town called Verona in Italy. Shakespeare sets the play with two households; firstly the house of Capulet and secondly the house of Montague at which they both have their own private army's. Both sides hold an "ancient grudge" against one another. "Ancient grudge (from the prologue), gives a sense of violence and that the families despise each other. By this time the audience can already see that there is going to be a fair bit of violence between the two families. Shakespeare also sets our expectations for this play as he tells us how the play ends at the start. The prologue also says "star crossed lovers". This also lets the audience know that the story is about two lovers which are doomed from the start. Violence is a backdrop of the play because without violence the love between Romeo and Juliet wouldn't work and therefore wouldn't effect the audience in the way that it does. It is more exciting because their love is forbidden by their families. At the beginning of Act 1 Scene 1, Shakespeare starts off with dirty jokes between two Capulet servants in a public place. ...read more.


Act 2 scene 4 starts off with Benvolio and Mercutio making jokes about Tybalt's challenge. Mercutio also makes jokes about Tybalt's name by calling him "more than prince of cats" which makes the audience laugh. In this part of the story the mood is calm, funny but there is also a sense of violence. Benvolio and Mercutio know about the challenge but Romeo doesn't. Here Shakespeare has used dramatic irony to make the audience feel sorry and worried for Romeo as we the audience know he has been challenged but he don't know also Shakespeare still makes the audience aware of the danger and what could happen if he fights Tybalt. The reason why Benvolio and Mercutio don't tell Romeo about the challenge is because he has just got married and he was so happy and it would be wrong to disturb him. Now that Mercutio has accepted the duel against Romeo and Tybalt makes us the audience feel sorry for Romeo because he is in a tough position because he has just married Tybalt's cousin Juliet an this causes a problem for romeo because in the Elizabethan times a mans honour was one of the most important things in life so if he refuses he will no longer be classed as a gentleman. ...read more.


for the dagger and stabs herself, when she does that the audience's emotions run wild and this is very dramatic for them. The Montages and Capulet's enter and can see their dead children and so the friar begins to explain. The prince then makes another ruling and that was the two households have to make peace. This is important because Romeo and Juliet have committed suicide and the result everything is so that there can be peace between the two households. This in the end makes the audience very happy about what has happened. Shakespeare has used violence all through the play, if he didn't use violence the storyline wouldn't have worked but because there is violence it works very well. Shakespeare also uses laughter to get his points across and throughout the story Shakespeare has kept his audience on the edge of their seats and because of this. There reason why the story works so well is because their love is forbidden and so there is much more danger and this makes the audience want to read on and so the audience get more involved. The reason why it was the story was set in the Elizabethan times because the whole point of honour works extremely well and that I why it was set in the Elizabethan times. ...read more.

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