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Comment on the advert Regain your flat tummy uses images and text to persuade its audience to buy the product advertised.

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Comment on the advert ''Regain your flat tummy...'' uses images and text to persuade its audience to buy the product advertised. The product advertised is an exercise machine which is used to regain your flat tummy. This product aims to flatten hanging tummy of the customers. The advert comes from the manufacturers of the product. The target audience of this advertisement is probably women who have the ability to read and belong from a working class or higher class who are conscious about their weight. The advertisement was published on a complete page to attract the readers. The product needs to be selling in a very large amount to overcome the expense of this advertisement. Due to the size and quality of the advertisement, the manufacturers must have paid a big amount of money and to convert the loss into profit, the product must be sold in a big amount in the markets. There is a lot of pressure on the success of the advert because if the product is not famous in the market, the manufacturers will face a big loss. ...read more.


Both the sets of diagrams are trying to show the effect of the product on the customer's body. By using this diagram, the manufacturers are targeting the people who are involved in medicine. This is so because a lot of medical terms have been used in the captions below the diagram. The use of a diagram is rather better than the model because it looks more realistic and more effective. These diagrams have been carefully chosen as they show the perfect effects. The language used in the caption is very scientific and is written in italics font to gain reader's attention. The writer of the article is trying to sound scientific and reader - friendly at the same time by telling the readers what to do and what not to do. Hence, the language used in the caption is very effective for the reader. The third image used in the article is of the product along with its description. The text tries to be scientific by telling the effect and advantages of the product. This intended to tell the customers that how advantageous the product is. ...read more.


In the first section the phrase ''you won't flatten your tummy by suddenly going on a starvation diet'' this shows that this article is mainly aimed at women because only women go on a diet rather than men. Very persuasive language has been used is section two. ''Which can help restore flatten and muscles to the tummy and give you a slim, model-girl waist.'' This phrase is very persuasive for women as they always 2wish for a perfect figure. The language used in section two is very persuasive. The phrase '5-minute Flab-Busting Powertek XL Tummy Roller' has been used many times to persuade the readers. The incentive used in is that if we buy two products, we can save �10. They have cheated here by saying that the stock is limited because if they have introduced the product just now so how can the stock be limited. A very modernize life-style is used to entice the reader as the phrase ''and you do want to cut a good figure in front of your friends'' is used. The purpose of the last section in the text is to persuade the readers by giving offers. Yes, there is an evidence of a 'hard sell' here because they are giving offers to sell the product. ...read more.

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