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Comment on the characters of Crook and Curly's Wife in 'Of Mice and Men'.

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The characters in the book mice and men are unable to escape their loneliness. The novel Mice and Men is about two friends called Lennie and George. They are looking for a job to earn money to buy their dream farm. This story is based on what life was like in the 19th Century. The characters in the novel are so lonely that John Steinbeck seems to show the natural reality of loneliness and the impact that it can have on people and how the characters are forced to live their life this way, because they have no escape route. Curley?s wife is the only female character in the novel. Curley?s wife she is never given a name and, she is only mentioned in reference to her husband. As she?s the only woman on the ranch, she is lonely and sad because she has nobody to talk to. The men on the ranch refer to her as a ?tart? and a ?tramp?. She dresses up and wears a lot of makeup. The colours of her nails were red. This was seen as sin in those days. Since she is the only woman on the ranch is set apart from others. Steinbeck shows us that Curley?s wife is lonely, and she is disliked by her husband Curley. ...read more.


Curley?s wife self-obsession with herself lead to her death, at this point the writer tries to make you have sympathy for Curley?s wife because she is calm and friendly towards Lennie. She also talks about her emotions that have been building up inside of her because she says, ?Could have been in the movies and had nice clothes? the writer makes the reader feel sorry for her because her dreams haven?t been fulfilled, and she is self-obsessed with herself. Also when she is speaking to Lennie she makes sure he is listening because she says ?you listening? this shows us that she rarely gets to speak to anybody, so she makes sure that she gets the full attention she needs when she does get a chance to speak to someone, because she never gets any attention from Curley. Curley?s wife is always going around chatting up other men to get attention. She flirts with them deliberately to get attention and these causes Curley to become hot headed. But nobody listens to her because she says to them ?I never get to talk to nobody? this shows us that no one really trusts her and she is not treated as a real person. This is because no one really cares about her. ...read more.


Crook is an employee at the ranch. He injured his back in an accident and now his cripple. Crook is the only black person at the ranch and he is isolated because of his colour, he can?t go to the bunk house or socialise with other men. In those days black people were treated differently from everyone else because of their colour. The other members of the ranch referred to him as a ?nigger? this was because racism was taken for granted in those days. The ranch members do it to insult him when they call him a nigger it?s because Crook has no status on the ranch so he doesn?t deserved to be called by his name because his black. In modern times this would be unacceptable for anyone to be treated this way. I feel sorry for Crook because he is treated unequal from everyone else and because of his colour and he feels I isolated from everyone else because he doesn?t get to socialise with anyone else and nobody invites him Crook and Curley?s wife all suffer from discrimination and prejudice resulting in loneliness and isolation. They both learn how to cope with their loneliness by been interested, in Lennie and George?s relationship. The character in the book is unable to find their way out of their loneliness. ...read more.

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