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Comment on the Dramatic Effectiveness of the Inspector.

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Comment on the Dramatic Effectiveness of the Inspector In this essay I intend to show, and provide sufficient evidence, as to the vast amount of dramatic tension the Inspector seems to create and his role in the dramatic effectiveness of the play 'An Inspector Calls'. J.B.Priestley wrote 'An Inspector Calls' in 1945, after both world wars and the sinking of the Titanic on her maiden voyage. The play, however, is set many years earlier in 1910, Birling however, uses the 'stability' of Britain and Europe and later mans success in building an unsinkable ship as evidence to his son Eric and daughters fianc� Gerald during his speech on why man will always succeed. The audience, however, know that only 33 years ago the Titanic sank on its maiden voyage and that the 2nd war was only just over. This brings a great deal of irony and tension into the atmosphere. Throughout the script Priestly uses a variety of techniques, to emphasise the inspector's presence and influence on the characters and the atmosphere for each scene. The inspector enters half way through scene one; his presence, however, is felt immediately through the tension he seems to create. ...read more.


For example, during Shelia's confession the Inspector is kind almost gentle and yet during Mrs Birlings questioning the Inspector is sarcastic and almost rude. I don't believe this could be that the manner in which the Inspector treats the individuals has anything to do which the sex, for my examples I have used two females. I think Priestley's main intensions were to bring to light some of the controversial topics at that time, such as sexism, the inequality of social classes and the 'cheap labour' issue. Priestley use's the inspector to do this and is very successful in doing so in a non-offensive yet slightly ungraceful manner. Priestley uses the Inspector to make very clear, what he thinks of businessmen and their shallow, pampered wives. I think that some of the success and the amount of dramatic tension are due to the ability of the actor playing the inspector and the ability of the actors supporting him in other roles. Timing, tone, mood and atmosphere will all help create a concentrated tension and a 'first class' show. The inspector shocks the audience with a sharp contrast when he says with real purpose 'I'm losing all patience with you people. ...read more.


what they have done to one girl, to making them aware there are thousands of girls just like Eva Smith, trying to survive, 'We don't live alone. We are members of one body. We are responsible for each other.' This is a very true yet unachievable for that time, especially with the social classes and inequality. I feel that although it does work well at that point in the script it would be even more powerful as being the final speech in the whole play. Then as quickly as he had entered their lives he leaves, leaving the Birlings to pick up the pieces and rebuild their lives. Once the inspector has left the set, a lighting change would again work well to alter the atmosphere, perhaps back to the soft, warm atmosphere that was on stage before the Inspector arrived. However once the inspector has left Mr and Mrs Birling return to their arrogant selves but Shelia and Eric seem to have learnt a lesson they won't forget, and have a new attitude. This again points towards what I believe to be one of Priestley's main intensions - the children of today are the hope of tomorrow, they are the next generation - they will make the difference. JOANNE ADAMS ...read more.

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