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Comment on the dramatic significance of any 3 scenes in Hamlet.

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Question- Comment on the dramatic significance of any 3 scenes in Hamlet. Shakespeare , has been one of the most remembered names in the world of ancient literature. He was well known for his romantic comedies and tragedies , which gained a lot of fame , and recognition. As we see , in Hamlet , how he has made use of different techniques in order to bring out the dramatic significance in the play. In Elizabethan times , revenge was considered to be manly , and courageous. They believed , society would function in a better manner if man could control his passion , and this has been beautifully shown in the play . Hamlet has been one of Shakespeare's most remembered plays. Through this play , Shakespeare once again told that era of his deep insight into the human mind , and the rich use of language , reveals a lot about the Elizabethan era . His passages , reflect philosophical thoughts , which were usually spoken in rhyme or verse . Since there was no effective back drop , the essence and style of Shakespeare was created only through his words. ...read more.


Having a play , in the play adds to the dramatic significance of the novel , making Hamlet's desperation more credible and comprehendible. In Shakespeare's plays , one would find a lot of repetition or lists. It helps to make the dialogue more strong , effective and emphasizes on the state of mind of the character. For instance , in the play , 'The Murder of Gonzago' , we come across the line , "Whether love lead fortune , or else fortune lead love." It has a highly philosophical tone , and the repetition of the same words , and the letter 'L' makes the line more memorable. In this scene , we also come across a number of similes , one which is from Ophelia to Hamlet , "You are as good as a chorus , my lord." At the end of the play , when Hamlet is successful in bringing out guilt onto Claudis's face , there is a line with the same word repeated three times to show his guilt , fear , and nervousness. "Lights ,lights , lights!" Shakespeare's settings always tell the reader of what is coming up next . ...read more.


Once again over here we see repetition and lists , in Hamlet's lines to the King , "Here , thou incestuous , murderous , damned Dane." We see that even Laertes in successful in killing Hamlet , and so is Hamlet. The unexpected death of all the characters makes the end very emotional , and frightening. Hamlet's last words to Horation tell us of his dedication to him ,"Now crack a noble heart. Goodnight sweet prince." This line has a double meaning and does not clearly tell the audience of what Hamlet is actually trying to say. I truly enjoyed reading the play , and it was not only exciting , but very moralistic as well. The saying , "Procrastination is the thief of time" , is proved right for Hamlet is so reluctant to kill his uncle , and in the end , he has to give up on his own life as well. It dealt with many themes , and it is easy for everyone to relate to it. The change in Hamlet's character at different intervals remind anyone of his/her very own state of mind . The play has given revenge a very positive side , and it once again shows the confused and rebellious side of any human. ...read more.

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