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Comment on the moments of dramatic tension in Act One of 'A View From The Bridge' - Why is the role of Alfieri so important?

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A View From The Bridge Coursework Comment on the moments of dramatic tension in Act One of 'A View From The Bridge'. Why is the role of Alfieri so important? In this essay I am going to discuss why the role of Alfieri is so important and comment on the moments of dramatic tension in Act One of 'A View From The Bridge'. Arthur Miller was born in New York City, on October 17th, 1915. He came from a family of immigrants. Despite this the family lived in prosperity due to the success of his fathers clothing manufacturing business. However, the business collapsed with the American economy, following the Wall Street Crash. Miller planned to go to university to study Economics and History. In order to pay his fees for Michigan University Miller had to work as a warehouseman. While at University Miller developed an interest in playwriting, which he later made to be his primary ambition. He graduated in 1938 and started to earn a living through journalism and from writing radio scripts. ...read more.


It was intended to be a modern version of traditional Greek tragedy. The full version of this play was performed worldwide in 1956. However, the most successful production of it was at London's National Theatre in 1987. "A View From The Bridge" is a play about a longshoreman Eddie Carbone, and his family. When distant cousins came to New York as illegal immigrants one of them, Rodolpho, falls in love with Catherine, Eddie's niece. Eddie with his obsession and unconditional love for Catherine is driven to take action, which results in his own death. It is in Act One that the dramatic tension starts to build up. Every time tension is built Alfieri steps into the scene. Tension is first built up when the cousins, Marco and Rodolpho arrive at the flat. It is from this point that Eddie starts to dislike Rodolpho as the audience can see that he speaks to Marco but not to Rodolpho. The tension increases when it is made known to Eddie that Rodolpho sings and he is able to sing one of Catherine's favourite songs, "Paper Doll". ...read more.


The play is told from Alfieri's point of view. He symbolically shows the audience the bridge between Italian and the American culture. Alfieri is seen when tension is building up. He explains to the audience what has happened and gives hints about what will happen, which keeps the audience in suspense. Alfieri knows exactly what is going to happen and how the play is to end - "I could have finished the whole story that afternoon", because he is like the chorus figure in a Greek tragedy that is able to see the future. As well as telling the audience the future and building up their suspense, he also hints to Eddie that his feelings for Catherine are unnatural which helps the audience see the true problem. However, Eddie does not pick up on the hints given to him, which guarantees disaster and greater dramatic tension in Act Two. Alfieri also prepares the audience for what to expect in Act Two. Act One can be seen as an exposition. It is full of dramatic tension and throughout Alfieri is essential in his role guiding the audience through t5he unexpected and often dramatic events. ...read more.

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