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Comment on the portrayal of Gender, Ethnicity and Class in two of Arthur Conan Doyle's stories

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Comment on the portrayal of Gender, Ethnicity and Class in two of Arthur Conan Doyle's stories Arthur Conan Doyle was a well known writer during the Victorian Era and still is today. He was famous for his stories. One of his books had a fictional character that caught people's attention. This character is a spectacular detective, Sherlock Holmes. People loved Sherlock Holmes so much because he always solves the case and always defeat evil. In fact, in one of Arthur's short story, 'The Speckled Band', Sherlock Holmes was described as "the Scotland Yard Jack-in-office" and "the busybody!" This period of time is called the Victorian Era because the ruler during this time was Queen Victoria. There were a lot of crimes committed at this time. Common ones were murder and drug abuse, which were feared greatly by people. The life style of people in the Victorian Era was different to everyday life. In the Victorian Times, there were three different groups of people. These were the upper class - rich and powerful people who don't need to work, middle class - have to work to support but not physical work, and lower/working class - poor people with no money and works physically. ...read more.


She wanted Sherlock Holmes to investigate something for her but she didn't have the money on her then however she guaranteed Holmes that "...in a month or six weeks I shall be married, with control of my income..." Men had authority over a lot of things. People that were not British were disliked by a lot of the Victorians. They are thought to be a danger in the society and are unwanted. There were different ethnic people in the Victorian Era. These people were not White British. They had different lifestyle to Victorian people. Some of this people were the Malays. Malays was what they called Malaysian people. In the story of 'The Man with the Twisted Lip' the Malays were mentioned just once. This was when Dr Watson, Sherlock Holmes' assistant and loyal friend, entered an opium den, "...a swallow Malay attendant had hurried up with a pipe..." Opium den is like a drug den which was run and supplied by the Malaysians. In the same story, we are made known to a different ethnic individual, "lascar." A lascar is an East Indian sailor. Another ethnic group in the Victorian Times were gypsies. They moved around a lot and never stay in one area for a long time. ...read more.


There was now a "refined-looking man...smooth-skinned..." Anyone who ever did what Mr St Clair did will be so embarrassed and "ashamed". As Mr Neville had said, he would have rather "endured imprisonment...even execution" than to have left his "miserable secret as a family blot." Upper class will have done this than to lose their reputation. The word blot describes how Neville was feeling; a family disgraced. Dr Roylott is an example of an upper class man who didn't act like the way upper class people behave. In the story of 'The Speckled Band' Dr Roylott was a monster in his community. He is violent and has a criminal status. This happened when he was still in India where "he beat his native butler to death..." He has "no friends at all save the wandering gypsies..." An upper class is less likely to get involved with people like them. Pets in the Victorian times are animals like cats and dogs, owned by anyone group of people. However, no one had wild animals as pets except from Dr Roylott, who had "a cheetah and baboon" and a speckle band which the reader later found to be a dangerous Indian snake. Dr Roylott is very aggressive, short tempered, non-sociable, scruffy and considerably rude and doesn't act the way a proper upper class individual should be have. ENGLISH COURSEWORK - SHERLOCK HOLMES Ola Ayegbusi 10k1/Ms Crump ...read more.

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