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Comment on the significance of chapter five of Mary Shellys Frankenstein.

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Name: Catherine Jones Centre Number: 68123 Coursework: Pre 1914 Prose Task: Comment on the significance of chapter five of Mary Shelly's "Frankenstein" Mary Shelly's Frankenstein is an intriguing and disturbing novel, which compels you to become torn between passion, misery, dread, remorse and horror. The story of Victor Frankenstein's thirst for knowledge and his greatest creation goes against his own beliefs. Victor Frankenstein was so disgusted by his creation that he abandoned his work and his Monster. The Monster is shunned by society yet he still wants and needs love, and acceptance. The Monster's life of loneliness and isolation drives him to despair, which results in him seeking revenge for his lie of misery. The pitiful creature can only live in places where other people do not go, resulting in total isolation. Victor is tortured by his feelings and the knowledge of hat he has done, and he eventually sets out to correct his wrong doings. In chapter five Victor brings his creation to life, and Mary Shelly shows how proud he is of himself, until he realises that he has created what he sees as a monster. ...read more.


Victor has created this Monster but will not give him the chance to gain acceptance into society, Victor judges the Monster on looks alone, he uses words like "wretch, catastrophe and hideous guest" to show this. He doesn't give him the chance to show what he is really like inside. Victor is constantly thinking about himself, he shows this when he meets Henry Clerval in Ingolstadt and rushes up to his room to make sure the Monster is nowhere to be see and that nobody will find out about his creation. Victor bursts into a joyous frenzy, but only a few minutes later falls down in a fit, this shows how changeable Victor's character is and how unstable and uncontroling of his own emotions he is. Victor has a great affect on the whole novel as it is he who the monster is trying to gain acceptance from, but Victor just doesn't want to know. The Monster is also a very important character in chapter five because this is when he is brought to life by Victor. The Monster doesn't know anything when he comes to life about the way he looks and how he will be treated. ...read more.


In reality Victor cannot face up to the Monster and in worrying about this is bringing back the horror of what he has done. Victor uses his dreams as a form of comfort to help him forget his more troubling engagements. After reading the novel Frankenstein I have come to the conclusion that the main message in chapter five is focusing on the dangers of science and society. Society plays a key role in the events throughout the novel. Frankenstein is a real eye opener to what society is really like and how people are judged on appearance. The main statement about society I that people and creatures are born good and turned bad by the way society treats them. The dangers of science are shown in the novel through Victor's creation. Victor is always very happy in the novel up until the time when he brings his creation to life, this is when it all seems to start going wrong for Victor. I see the trouble and tortures Victor goes through as a warning about how being too ambitious and having too much of a thirst for knowledge can all go wrong, resulting in what you expected to be happy and joyful turning into your worst nightmare. ...read more.

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