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Commentary - Like Water for Chocolate.

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Robert Xie ILA (B)-Boyce November 14, 2004 Commentary - Like Water for Chocolate The novel Like Water for Chocolate is the story of a woman fighting tradition in quest for love and freedom. The novel has diverse relations of apathy and love between the characters. The author Esquivel illustrates these relations by the use of the colors red and white. Throughout the novel Like Water for Chocolate, Laura Esquivel uses the colors red and white to symbolize love and apathy in the relationships between the characters. Laura Esquivel uses the color red to symbolize love and passion in relationships. In the following quote "Mamma Elena had come to get a sheet or something and had caught Tita red-handed."(p. ...read more.


This quote shows that Tita is unable to see the red, in the icing, which symbolizes that she cannot see the love in the marriage between Pedro and Rosaura since the marriage was arranged. What she sees is the white icing of the cake that represents marriage, but not the red food coloring that represents love. These two quotes both exhibit red being used as a symbol for love and passion. Laura Esquivel also uses the color white, which represents apathy to contrast the feeling for love, represented by the color red. "Tita stood as if in a trance, starting at the whiteness of the sheets, only for a few seconds. But long enough to cause a sort of blindness, wherever she looked she saw only white. ...read more.


After that fight only three chickens remained, plucked bald and one eyed. And no diapers."(p. 217) The diapers that were snow white symbolized that Esperanza, as the only daughter of Rosaura would have a loveless life due to family tradition. But the red blood that stained it meant that she would feel love, and the diapers being buried, meant that the blood cannot be removed from the diapers, sealing her fate to have a life with love. As you can see, these quotes actively reflect how the colors red and white symbolize love and apathy. As you can notice, the story contains many relations of love, hate and apathy between the characters. Laura Esquivel uses the motifs red and white to help illustrate the relations of love and apathy between the characters. ...read more.

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