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Commentary on Adrian Henri's Tonight at Noon

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Commentary on Adrian Henri's Tonight at Noon Tonight at noon is a poem that contradicts itself from the title right up to the ending using much of general knowledge and just meandering the reality around, to create absurdity in the poem. Henri has used paradox throughout the whole poem swapping everything he mentions around. He starts using this practice since the title, 'Tonight at Noon' as it is impossible because noon can't ever be at night as it is during midday. The words 'tonight at noon' can be seen at least once per stanza, which shows repetition throughout the poetry. The repetition of the title is effective as Henri keeps on showing that he is constantly contradicting himself. This poem actually has no set arrangement to it, and it seems to run like a river, all soft and smooth. ...read more.


that they love him, as if he is lacking love so he actually has to ask for love himself as no one is essentially enthusiastic to give him their love out of their own free will. Children who are unhappy with their own families are sent to live in homes, and not children from happy families as Henri states in the first stanza. The impossibility of this fact makes this line humorous as everyone knows that this will never happen in real life. Elephants can't tell jokes, whereas humans always tell jokes about elephants. This line is comical as it shows how extreme Henri's thoughts are. How can America declare peace on Russia if they never even started a war? This is another example of Henry's comical thoughts. ...read more.


The purpose of the top twenty is not for poetry, but for 'hip' music, for example pop, rock, and r'n'b. The fact that Henri mentions having poetry in the top twenty is as if he is comparing contemporary poetry to twenty first century music which isn't really comparable as their differences are so widespread. Back alleys are small narrow roads which are dark, and provide teenage lovers a private space to 'fool around', normally have no sunlight passing through it whatsoever. To conclude, this poem is very comical and serves as a way to get people to laugh, and I find that Henri has attained this very successfully as this poem can make anyone laugh at anytime due to his constant contradicting facts throughout the whole poem. ?? ?? ?? ?? Macha Cauchois ...read more.

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