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Commentary on my storyboard

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Commentary on my storyboard My ten scenes have to show the way that Jane is badly treated and the audience should sympathize with Jane. To show this in all my shots I have made Jane look small in all her scenes to show that she is hopeless, sad and miserable in her environment. To create this depression I also made the other characters look down at Jane, to show that Jane was treated below characters like Mrs. Reed and her son John Reed. This also should make the audience notice that Jane was being treated badly and below the rest of the family. I want the audience to see Mrs. Reed as an arrogant, disdainful and a bossy and evil type of character. To do this I have made her have a shadow behind her in all her scenes by back light this gives her an evil look. This would also make her look bigger than everyone else and look down on Jane gives Mrs. Reed an arrogant and bossy look it also makes her as in charge of the house. Everything done in the house is with her command. Similarly I wanted Mrs. Reed's son Jack reed to be seen by the audience as a fat, nasty and horrible and boastful boy and also arrogant and proud like his mother. To show all this, I have made him looking down at Jane. ...read more.


This will involve the audience. The audience will be able to sympathise with Jane. Mrs Reed will see Jane Eyre from a low angle showing that Jane is nothing to her. This will show that Jane is below Mrs Reed. The same way Jane will see Mrs Reed in a higher angle. This will make an impression that Mrs Reed is higher and in charge and can do what she wants. Also Mrs Reed is on a close-up were as Jane is long shot. This created a long distance between Jane and Mrs Reed that shows a weak relationship between both of them and isolation for Jane. These well also make the audience feel isolated also, as they will be seeing it from Jane's point of view. It will also make the audience feel pity for Jane. This scene shows that Jane has no one, she is alone and nobody can help her. In contrast the shot that has an effective dialogue is scene 10, where Jane is about to faint. Jane is in the red room upset and scared. The dialogue is effective, as Jane can hear voices in her head by other characters for example Jack Reed says, 'you are dependent, mama says: you have no money, your father left you none.' She is remembering what the household said to her previously. ...read more.


The door was huge compared to the little girl Jane. I tried to make my Jane as Orsan Wells'. I tried to make Jane look small to everything surrounding her. This made Jane look vulnerable. I used this in scene 6. Julian Amyles influenced me as well. I liked her sound effects especially. I liked rain at the beginning and I used this for scene 1. I was mostly influenced by Julian Amyles red room. I liked the long shot off the room. It made the audience see everything in detail. I used this for my scene 6. Most of my red room furniture was based on Julian Amyles. I had the picture of Mr. Reed in shot 6 and 7. I also used the practical light as Julian Amleys. I liked the way she used a torch to make the ghost effect. I thought it was good, as she didn't make the light look as a ghost. The practical light did look like a lantern from the window, which happens in the novel. I used this in my scene 7. I was influenced by all three directors as they all had different qualities which made all of them good. However I thought Franco Zeffirelli influenced me the most, as I liked the way he set the novel. I liked the furniture and clothing. I also liked the way he made the atmosphere and mood of the scene by lighting and sound effects as well as camera angles and shots. Hina Raja 10TJ 01/02/03 ...read more.

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