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Comparative Essay - comparing A Women to Her Lover by Christina Walsh, How Do I Love Thee? By Elizabeth Barrett Browning, When We Two Parted by Lord Byron, Remember by Christina Rossetti and Villegiature by Edith Nesb

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Comparative Essay I will compare A Women to Her Lover by Christina Walsh, How Do I Love Thee? By Elizabeth Barrett Browning, When We Two Parted by Lord Byron, Remember by Christina Rossetti and Villegiature by Edith Nesbit. The poems I have chosen, four are written by women and one by a man and I think that this is a representative romance as women are more romantic. The only man I have chosen is Lord Byron. There is a common theme in these poems which is the theme of love. In two of the other poems I have chosen Villigiature and A Woman To Her Lover the theme of love is related to powerful and equal love. I think that Remember and How Do I Love Thee? are representatives of the Romantic movement because they stimulate many aspects of the theme of love and the poets do this by showing their love through the poems and I think that A Women to Her Lover, When We Two Parted and Villegiature are not representative of what we believe to be typical of the Romantic movement as they write with very bitter words in their poems which could hardly be romantic in the most common sense. ...read more.


Her strong character is amplified by her use of powerful language, for instance, words like "bend", "bondslave" and "drudgery", show her fearless character and also how strongly she wants equality. She alliterates these words in 'bondslave to bear'. The structure of her syntaxes also conveys a sense of resolution, for example she confidently uses caesuras: 'Go! - I am no doll'. This also portrays a conditional balance since it is a direct answer to the solution she aims for. Walsh also uses a lot of figurative imagery; and these different types of imagery help amplify the effects the power that love can have on people. Such as use of personification in the last stanza: 'our co-equal love will make the stars laugh with joy'. Also the words "stars" and "spheres" suggest how love with equality exceeding other characteristics of love. Only in the last stanza we see her address her lover as 'husband', whereby we immediately sense the change of tone, with greater respect towards the one she is addressing. The last line of this stanza consists of the terminology fields of religion, which she portrays by use of divine imagery, as she ends the poem with an overjoyed height of happiness: 'until we reach the very heart of God'. ...read more.


All of these poems have a continual theme of love however, love is not the same; there is a demand for equal love "To live and work, to love and die with you", a worshiping and devoted love "I love thee with the passion put to use", a time to move on "Remember me when I am gone away", a reminiscing of better time "I watched the still and dewy lawn", and a loss of love "A shudder comes o'er me/ Why wert thou so dear?". The poems "Remember, When We Two Parted", and "Villegiature" are all poems about loss and reminiscence but the poems "A Woman To Her Lover" and "How Do I Love Thee?" are about love with a positive outlook. "A Woman To Her Lover" has the theme of a powerful and equal love but in "How Do I Love Thee?" there is strong passion and deep love for the lover and he is almost venerated as a God. "Remember" deals with the theme of pain, life and joy for the past but "Villegiature" has a different theme of reminiscence of a distant time when the poet was having a better time. ...read more.

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