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Comparative essay of 'Our Day Out' & 'Educating Rita'

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Comparative essay of 'Our Day Out' & 'Educating Rita' Introduction In this essay I'm going to discuss the similarities in the plays Our Day Out & Educating Rita by Willy Russell. In both plays the characters have grown up trapped due to various reasons but all trapped because of their lack of education. Willy Russell was born in Knowsley a village not far from Liverpool on the 23rd of August 1947. He went to Woolfall secondary school for a year, he then left to go to Rainford secondary school were he left when he was 15 and with no qualifications. The play 'Our Day Out' was based on a progress class, who Russell took on a school trip. 'Educating Rita' was written in 1980, this was also based on Russell past experiences. Susan later known as Rita in 'Educating Rita', worked as a women's hairdresser, as did Russell. ...read more.


'Our Day Out' is based on a progress classes trip to wales by 4 teachers, Mrs Kay, Mr Briggs, Susan and Colin. The children go to the school trip feeling trapped. Although they know they're getting away from Liverpool for the day and temporarily escaping from their lives. When the time comes for the children to leave they realise that there is a better life than what they have and that which they are trapped and will probably never escape from. One child who feels particularly trapped is Carol Chandler, who was born into an unloving and uncaring family Carol feels that when she leaves school she'll just be factory fodder. Going on the trip makes Carol feel even worse and even more trapped because she sees another side of life. She's then more aware of her predicament than ever. One that has no way out for her. ...read more.


Susan escapes through her education in the end when she finishes at the university. Frank Susan's teacher in 'Educating Rita' is trapped and that's why he drinks, to escape. Trish, Susan's flatmate is also trapped and she escapes by attempting suicide but as this doesn't work she remains trapped. The characters speak slang and Liverpudlian, which makes the plays more realistic. The educated speak standard English, in contrast to the working classes this helps to show the divide between classes. Russell uses humour to get across serious points. We laugh but we remember and focus upon these important areas. In both plays the plays the characters are trapped, but in 'Our Day Out' they escape for one day but Susan escapes permanently. Russell reflects his own life through his plays. The economic depression in Liverpool is reflected in Russell's plays show the squalled environment and lack of job opportunities. By Benjamin Baker ...read more.

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