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Comparative Essay on Mid Term Break and Death of a Naturalist

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Writing a comparative poetry essay Example question Read the poem Mid Term Break in which Heaney writes about life and loss. Choose one other poem written by Heaney which also deals with these themes. Compare how the two poems deal with Heaney?s thoughts and feelings. In the poem ?Mid Term Break? Heaney deals with his thoughts and feelings on life and loss. These ideas are also addressed in ?Death of a Naturalist?. The poet utilises a range of poetic techniques to convey the demise of his childhood and the disruption of natural order. ...read more.


The juxtaposition of the morning and the symbolic death bells represent the premature end to his brother?s life and the destruction of his own childhood. This shows sullen resignation towards the event of loss in his life. This childhood demise is also presented in DOAN. However, Heaney presents this in a more dramatic manner. Stanza one is longer than the second stanza, presenting how the poet revelled in his days of innocence. It also contains a tone of mystery and natural wealth, ?bubbles gargled delicately, bluebottles/wove a strong gauze of sound?? through the use of synesthetic verbs to personify nature, Heaney portrays his nostalgic feelings towards this period of childhood innocence. ...read more.


Thus, it is clear from both pieces that Heaney has varied views on life and loss. In MTB the reader learns of his confusion and resignation as a result of his experience of death. However, DOAN presents a metaphorical depiction of how childhood is lost as a result of the harsh and oppressive adult world. Mid-term Break Thoughts and feelings on life and loss Death of a Naturalist Thoughts and feelings on life and loss Loss of innocence Isolation Facade Loss of innocence Facade Disruption of natural order Detachment Disruption of natural order Detachment Death The futility of life The futility of life Death Themes and meaning Language Form and structure ...read more.

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