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Compare “The Red Room”By H .G. Wells and “Farthing House” By Susan Hill

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Compare "The Red Room" By H .G. Wells and "Farthing House" By Susan Hill In a traditional ghost story I would expect to find it in an old house far away in the countryside, it will always start when is near dark and are usually creepy and isolated from the other that near by. In "Farthing House" the setting is just like a traditional ghost story. It is very far away in the countryside. "Seven miles back on the main road." It's an old peoples home, just like a day-caring center. In "The Red Room" the setting is almost the same but the only different I think is that "Farthing House" has a lot of old people but they don't had any old couple. In "The Red Room" the main characters are the old couple, but in "Farthing House" their main characters are the old peoples with illness. Both of the title had told you that their setting will be different to the other, "Farthing House" is a day-caring center with lot of old people, "The Red Room" is the ...read more.


" I am being very careful now, it would be too easy to claim that I had sensed something sinister, that I was shrouded at once in the atmosphere of a haunted house." "The only other things I noticed were the faintest of hospital antiseptic." In "Farthing House" the narrator is expecting to have bad dreams about the room, that he or she had recently pass away. The narrator think or "expecting to had bad dreams or to see a ghost." The narrator was doing a favor for aunt Addy by getting some photographs from her room, but the narrator had heard weird sound of a baby crying. "The sound was unmistakable. It was a baby crying. Not a cat or a dog. They are quiet different you know. What I heard from some distant room on the ground, floor was the cry of the new-born baby." It tells us that there is something strange is going to happen later, after the entire narrator has been through. ...read more.


" It was a baby crying." "Not a cat, not a dog. They are quiet different, you know," The narrator was uncertain about what the sound was. Now it makes the whole story going in a scaring time. The narrator makes you there is something or someone is going to happen "I hesitated. Stopped. But it was over at once, and it did not come again. I waited, feeling uncertain." As in "The Red Room" the narrator has done the same with the story. The narrator had introduces story sentences. In different atmosphere in the story take before the narrator had been left by the old man to the room. The old woman said, "If you go to the red room tonight_"("This night of all nights!" said the old woman.) "You go alone." "Very well," I answered. The narrator is trying to show that the old man is going to left he or she on their own now with the warning from the own couple. It showing something is going to happen to the narrator. ?? ?? ?? ?? English Short Story The Red Room and Farthing House Tommy Lam 13P ...read more.

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