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Compare 3 or 4 poems in which the writers convey feelings in striking and original ways. - To His Coy Mistress, Rapunzstiltskin and I wanna be Yours

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Compare 3 or 4 poems in which the writers convey feelings in striking and original ways. In this essay, I will look at three poems and how the poet conveys the feelings in them. The first poem I will look at is "To His Coy Mistress" by a 17th century poet, Andrew Marvell. In this poem, unusual, violent imagery is conjured which I found very intriguing in a love poem. For the second poem, I will consider the feelings conveyed in "Rapunzstiltskin" by Liz Lochhead. This poem uses and original idea of mixing traditional fairy-tale elements with those of a more modern theme. The final poem will be "i wanna be yours", written by John Cooper Clarke. I chose this poem to look at because it is striking in its use of everyday objects. In "To His Coy Mistress", the main feeling I detected was that of lust. This is a poem of seduction in which the poet wants to have sex with his mistress. He applies pressure to her by saying she will die a virgin. ...read more.


There are five main semantic fields in this poem which are time, body, power, death and sex. There are quotes below of each semantic field in the order that they are written above. "Times winged chariot", "breast", "birds of prey", "eternity", and "virginity". The most powerful thing described in the poem is time, as it cannot be stopped. The man is trying to gain power over her and he wants her submission. "Rapunzstiltskin also uses striking images. There are feelings of lust from both characters in the poem. The maiden has feelings of resentment, anger, disappointment and frustration. However, both sexes' feelings are described in the poem - not just the man's. This poem is original because of the mixing of traditional fairy tale elements with modern ideas. "I love you?" - Line 46, is a fairy tale story element and "Sort of gorgeous" - Line 17, is modern. This poem is almost allegorical, as it had hidden meanings about what its theme is. I think that the poet is trying to challenge traditional gender roles and the tower that the maiden is trapped in, is a metaphor for being confined to a gender stereotype. ...read more.


Another way that this poem is original and striking is when he compares himself to everyday objects. As readers, we can relate to the items he mentions. As the woman involved sees the objects all the time, she will be reminded of him constantly. The twist at the end describes a love triangle between the man, his partner and another woman. "i don't wanna be hers i wanna be yours." - Line 30 This takes the reader by surprise, and was an original ending. All three poems were successful in conveying feelings in striking and original ways, but using different techniques. "To His Coy Mistress" works as a poem of persuasion, but not in the way that we would expect. It is mainly about a potential lover who is being bullied and threatened into sex by a man. "Rapunzstiltskin" is successful in making a point about breaking stereotypes and gender roles, and uses original, quite modern metaphors to describe fairy tale story elements. The poet showing how much he wants to be with the woman achieves the success of "I wanna be yours", and he uses unusual comparisons of what he wants to be. ?? ?? ?? ?? Sophie Gullon 10AE English Essay 1 ...read more.

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