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Compare 'A Stench of Kerosene' by Amrita Pritam and 'The Withered Arm' by Thomas Hardy.

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NAME: AL-AMIN CHOUDHURY CLASS: 10L ENGLISH COURSEWORK: TO COMPARE 'A STENCH OF KEROSENE' BY AMRITA PRITAM AND THE 'WITHERED ARM' BY THOMAS HARDY TUTOR: MISS COOM GCSE ASSIGNMENT Compare 'A Stench of Kerosene' by Amrita Pritam and 'The Withered Arm' by Thomas Hardy. The two stories 'The Withered Arm' and 'Stench of Kerosene' is set in different cultures and at different times which have some similarities. 'Withered Arm' was written by a man called Thomas Hardy in 1888, and is set in Wessex, England. While 'Stench of Kerosene' was written nearly 100 years later in the 1950s by a women called Amrita Pritam, which is set in rural India. The setting of the both stories took place in a simple farming village community. The culture and social context of 'Stench of Kerosene' is very similar to 'Withered Arm'. Although it happened in India, there are traditional different relationship which exist between the two sexes. Both stories looks at the tragedy of damaged relationships. The story of 'Stench of Kerosene' is about a women called Guleri, who lives with her husband Manak and her parent's in-laws, (Manak's mother is disappointed with Guleri for not having a grandchild, but she does not show Guleri that she is upset). Guleri and Manak have been married for seven years and have no children of their own, but there is a deep love between them. Guleri's parents lived in Chamba. A few miles from her husband's village Lakarmandi which is high on ground, the road curved and descended steeply down-hill. From this point one could see Chamba lying a long way away at one's feet. Whenever Guleri was homesick she would take her husband Manak and go up to this point. This is how much see misses her parents, by seeing sight of her parents village her heart fills with happiness. Once in every year at the time of harvest fair, Guleri is allowed to spend some time with her family and friends. ...read more.


who could be the next of keen o f the valley. In other words both stories were about having a heir to keep the family name and tittle going. A 'Stench of Kerosene' is written in plain simple English which is easy to follow and easy to understand. The story is written in a such way, as if the author was present at the time of writing, because the way author explained Guleri homesickness, and how she counts the day for the harvest fair, touches readers heart because this is how one feels anxious, if they misses their loved ones or have not seen them for awhile. There were many clues given by the author that the story is Asian. For example the author describes monsoon clouds (which I know it only occurs in Asia). The names of the characters sounded Asian, for example Manak, Guleri and Bhavani. Also the author mentions that Guleri has a daily routine task, which was to 'fed the cattle, clean the house and cook food for her parent in-laws' (only Asian families live in a extended family tie).'This sounded to me as the tradition of Asian culture. In the second page of the story Guleri said to Manak ?if you want me go and ask my father for my hand?. Among Manak's kinsmen, it was customary to settle the bride price before the wedding' Apart from that the author uses some Hindi words for example dupatta, a shawal like cloth worn top of blouse by Indian sub - continental women's. Rupees which is the current currency of India, and Charpoy which convinced me that it is an Indian story. They also used object such as hookah, which is a pipe used for smoking tobacco and a chillam, a clay made pipe for tobacco. Indian words such as dupatta, hookah and chillam are explained with brief description at the bottom of the page, for those readers who do not knows the meaning of the words. ...read more.


This is because they both been treated unfairly in their way by farmer Lodge. For example Gertude is rejected at the end of the story by Farmer Lodge, as she no longer looks beautiful (which show readers that Farmer Lodge were only after beauty, when their beauty runs out he rejects them ).If Gertude has not met Rhoda she would have a happy life. If she hadn't married Farmer Lodge she would have had a normal life and it would have probably been another young lady in her place. The character's that I felt sorry for in 'Stench of Keroscne' is Guleri. This is because Guleri died because her husband remarried again as she can not have a child. The story that I liked most is 'Stench of Keroscne'. This is because the story is better structured, short, easy to follow, and it is written in a simple English. Also the story lives the readers in a cliff-hanger (as a tragic reaction). It lives the reader wondering what will happen next. While 'Withered Arm' is long and complex. By adding superstition the story became even longer and more boring. I think the story of the 'Withered Arm' is much sadder than 'Stench of Kerosene'. This is because in the 'Withered Arm' two women and a boy died for one man action. However, 'Stench of Kerosene' is also a sad story. Because Guleri's husband and his mother rejected he, as a result she killed herself. The story which I think is more sexist is 'Withered Arm'. This is because two women became victims and suffered as a result of Farmer Lodge's action. However the author made fairly good remark about Farmer Lodge at the end of the story by saying 'he has given some money to a school'. Which tell readers that there is no one left Farmer Lodge could share his wealth with, As all the people who were close to him died as result of his action. which also shows readers that he realised that he had destroyed three lives. ...read more.

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