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Compare "a stench of kerosene" by Amritsa Pritam and "Veronica" by Adwale Maja-Pearce. What so we learn about the lives of the characters and the ways their lives are presented by the authors?

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Compare "a stench of kerosene" by Amritsa Pritam and "Veronica" by Adwale Maja-Pearce. What so we learn about the lives of the characters and the ways their lives are presented by the authors? In this essay I am going to compare "A Stench of Kerosene" by Amritsa Pritam and "Veronica" by Adwale Maja-Pearce. The characters in these stories have many similarities in the personalities and the way they live their lives even though both stories are set in very different contries. The authors use similar and a different technique to present and show their character's lives. "A Stench of Kerosene" is set into a small village in Punjabi, India, with the main character Manak who has lived happily with his wife, Guleri who is unable to have a child. Manak's mother arranges him to marry another women who is able to have children just so she could have a grandchild. When Guleri find's out about the marriage she burns her self to death with kerosene. The story is narrated by Amrita Pritam, the author. "Veronica" is set in Africa and is likewise tragic. ...read more.


now also pities Okeke because although Okeke may never get married as he say the women in his city are only interested in "money and cars". In "A Stench of Kerosene" Manak through out the story feels similarly feels remorse and guilt. Guleri and Manak are in love with each other and married unlike Okeke and Veronica. Like Okeke when Guleri leaves her home, the cause of the tragedy happens. Adwale Maja-Pearce shows Guleri's complete unawareness of Manak's new marriage in a metaphor the sun shone in her eyes, as this may refer as an omen to Guleri's blindness to what will happen when she goes. Mannak's mother plays a very important part in the tragedy as she arranges the second marriage. Her reason for doing this is through her own greed of wanting a grandson and through the older Indian tradition of having a son to continuing the family name is a very important part of Indian family life. Though his mother arranges this behind Guleri's back it is accepted to have second wives. Mannak's mother's character is presented to make the reader condemn the mother's decisions and behaviour, by describing her as "severe". ...read more.


Therefore the two women in both stories suffered the main tragedy. The reader may also felt pity that Veronica was unable to prevent being born into a sexist and poor culture, which caused her to live her life with the tragic ending. Manak was also a victim not, of death but of guilt as his was taunted by the events of his wife and the evidence at the end of the story proves this: as he thinks his child smells of kerosene, which is the liquid that caused his wife to burn to death. This shows his future with his new wife will be very hard for him to cope with. Both stories do not give all necessary information at the start of the stories in order to puzzle and keep the interest of the reader. The theme of the title plays an important role in both stories. In "A Stench of Kerosene" the meaning of this title only becomes towards the end of the story and we only realize that the title "Veronica" is the main character in the story half way through as well as the narrator is a male. Greg Burgess English coursework 1/3 ...read more.

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