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Compare and Contrast ‘Cousin Kate’ By Christina Rossetti with ‘The Seduction’ By Eileen McAuley

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Compare and Contrast 'Cousin Kate' By Christina Rossetti with 'The Seduction' By Eileen McAuley I read and enjoyed two poems 'Cousin Kate' by Christina Rossetti and 'The Seduction' by Eileen McAuley. In this essay I will compare and contrast the two poems. 'Cousin Kate' is a pre-twentieth century poem, set in the countryside. It is about a young woman who is a cottage maiden, she is seduced by a lord, who she falls in love with and has sex with out of marriage. The lord then discards her for her cousin Kate. She then has a son, which is the lord's, but she keeps it from him, knowing that this is what the lord wants, because he needs an heir to all his land and wealth. The cottage maiden also knows that her cousin is infertile and cannot give him children. The main themes of this poem are; love because the cottage maiden loved the lord, seduction because the lord seduced her and made her his 'plaything'. Also betrayal because the lord tossed her aside and also because her cousin married the man that the cottage maiden loved. Another theme is teenage pregnancy and how it is perceived by other people. Also innocence, because she was young and happy with the cottage life before she met him. ...read more.


This gives the impression that he does not like her and has no respect for her, he does not treat her with love like the lord did to the cottage maiden. The mood of 'Cousin Kate' is sad because she did love the lord and feels that her cousin does not truly love him like she did 'O cousin Kate my love was true. Your love was writ in sand' this shows that she feels that her cousins love for the lord is shallow, which is like the lords love for the girl, it can be easily washed away. But the mood is also triumphant because she knows that she has got what the lord wants most, something which her cousin cannot give, 'your father would give lands for one To wear his coronet' She says this to her son, because she knows that this is what the lord wants most, an heir, and her cousin is infertile and cannot give it to him. This is also ironic because the one thing that he wants, is with the thing that he cast away and that one thing, is the one thing his chosen one cannot give. So this gives the cottage maiden some comfort that she knows this and he does not, so it gives her power over him and her cousin Kate. ...read more.


It also makes me feel that her surroundings of the urban city have somehow added for need to grow up because the girl in the other poem says she was 'contented' with her life before she met the lord. But the girl in 'The Seduction' seems to be unhappy and looking for happiness in the boy, which she does not find. I prefer 'Cousin Kate' because the girl in that poem does have something which makes her happy, her son, and she also has power which the girl in the other does not. So this poem does not make you pity the girl, but it does make you see it from her point of view. This is because it is written from her point of view, so you can see all her emotions and thoughts. I think that the attitude to teenage pregnancy has not changed because in both poems, which are written in pre-twentieth and late twentieth, that the attitude is basically the same and the fear that they both feel about what people say about them. Also there is the same point in the poems that it is the girls are ones seen as dirty and that 'type'. The men in both poems don't seem to have been made to accepted their responsibilities, because it is also their child. But society, as shown in these poems has always left the woman to take all the blame, responsibility and comments from other people. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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