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Compare and Contrast “Tony Kytes” the Arch Deceiver By Thomas Hardy and “Tickets Please” By Dh Lawrence.

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Compare and Contrast "Tony Kytes" the arch deceiver by Thomas Hardy and "Tickets Please" by DH Lawrence. Thomas Hardy was born in 1840 and died in 1928. DH Lawrence was born in 1885 and died in 1930. "Tony Kytes the arch deceiver" was written in 1894 and "Tickets Please was written in 1922. There is a 28 year gap between the two stories. In this essay I intend to examine this 28 year difference and to see what bigger difference it would have on the events that take place in the two stories. "Tony Ktyes" is set in the countryside whereas "Tickets Please" is set in a urban world. It's described as the 'black industrial countryside' in the start. Both stories are set far apart and there are many differences between countryside and city. "Tony Kytes" is set in Wessex, south western England and has a Dorset influence. On the other hand "Tickets Please" is set in the Midlands in Nottinghamshire, from where the writer of the story DH Lawrence came from. In the city, it is bound to be more advanced and up-to-date. It can be radical and busy also. "Tony Kytes is set in the country, where it is more traditional and old-fashioned in their ways. The two stories both have different variations in narrating.


The wagon was about to be tipped over because of the horses going fast. But before it tipped over, Milly saw Unity in the wagon. Both Milly and Unity were shocked to find themselves in the same wagon. Milly claims that Tony will marry neither she or Unity, but will marry Hannah. The wagon toppled over, throwing all three girls out of the wagon onto the floor. Tony was pleased to see no one was hurt. Tony immediately proposes to Hannah. Hannah refuses to marry Tony because her father is there. Unity also refuses to marrying Tony because she was too proud to marry a man who had deceived him so much. Now there is just Milly and Tony left. Milly says yes to marry Tony, because she was desperate. "Tickets Please" is set in war time with most men at war. There are just the girls now left at home in 'ugly blue uniform skirts up to their knees, and shapeless old caps.' An inspector called John Thomas, hangs around with these girls at night from the train depot. Annie, one of the girls, was different from the rest. She was at 'arms length' with John Thomas. But she did have a boy of her own. Annie dressed herself up to go to the fairground.


Note how the women are described, e.g. Milly is a nice, light, small, and a tender little thing. In those days women were not seen as equal to men. Although it may be quite an affectionate description, but to be called a thing does not suggest much respect! The women are all easily taken in by Tony's lies, even when doing as he asks involves them demeaning themselves (by lying under a tarpaulin, etc!). They never question him, but do what he asks without a second thought. They are all very susceptible to flattery. Look at what Tony says to each of them in turn that makes them all desperate to marry him. Tony's father thinks that Milly is the best because she didn't actually ask to ride in the wagon (in other words, she didn't put herself forward). So, modesty is seen as an important feature in a woman. Both Hannah and Unity reject Tony ultimately, being too proud to marry someone who had deceived them so much. However, Milly does agree to marry Tony because she believes him when he said that he didn't mean a word of what he had said to the other girls. Milly is so in love with Tony that she is blind to the truth, and suggests that Milly is actually a bit stupid.

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