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Compare and Contrast a 20th Century and non-20th Century Animal Poem

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Adam Wright 14th Nov 2001 Compare and Contrast a 20th Century and non-20th Century Animal Poem 1. Introduction/brief explanation 2. Themes 3. Structure and form a. Stressed/unstressed, iambic pentameter etc b. Form on page, reasons for. 4. Language and Poetry techniques 5. Personal preference and reason For this essay I need to compare and contrast a pre 20th Century and 20th Century piece of poetry that share animals. The Two poems I have chosen are Horses be Edwin Muir for my pre 20th century piece. For my 20th century text I have chosen jaguar Ted Hughes. The Two poets are using their poetry to inform their audience about their beliefs and thoughts of certain issues. In Horses by Edwin Muir the poet is informing the audience about his thoughts on the beginning of the industrial revolution and the effect it will have on the countryside and In particular the shire horse. ...read more.


The poem the jaguar introduces us to the jaguar in captivity and its feelings. Ted Hughes is definitely against zoos and more generally the imprisonment of animals, but I will talk about how we know this later. Ted Hughes describes the early death dealt to many of the animals in a zoo, 'the boa constrictor's coil' he describes 'is like a fossil', strong and powerful imagery with a serious point. He focuses on the lack of a quality of life for the animals within the cages at the zoo. The poem describes how a single animal still has hope like an 'eye satisfied to be blind in a fire,' the animal is the jaguar. The poem the Jaguar has to distinct halves in language if not in form. ...read more.


I think that the regularity of this poem is symbolic of how these 'great hulks' of shire horses would come out at the same time every morning and go back to the stables at the same time. They would also work ploughing in a regular fashion up and down the fields. I think this is why Edwin Muir has used such a regular pattern and form because it is suitable for the subject. The poem the Jaguar doesn't share a rhyming scheme with its pre 20th century counterpart. It is though fairly regular and the poem quite clearly takes the form of five quite closely resembling stanzas. I think the form of the poem on the page is resembling the cages of imprisoned animals. There is a lot of space around the poem and I think this is convey the frustration of the animals and the feelings they have when they look out upon freedom. ...read more.

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