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Compare and contrast 'a woman to her lover' and 'to his coy mistress'.

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Saturday 16th August 2003 Compare and contrast the poems from the GCSE ENGLISH POETRY COURSEWORK BOOKLET The poems I have chosen for my English coursework are 'a woman to her lover' and 'to his coy mistress'. The poem 'A woman to her lover' is about a woman telling her partner what will and what will not happen in their relationship. However in the poem 'To his coy mistress' the writer, who in this case is a man, is telling the woman he loves what he wants and what he will do with her. These are: he will leave jewels in India for her while he sits at home and complains, he will love her from the beginning of time and he will never leave her for anything. ...read more.


Whereas the poem 'To his coy mistress' is set out very differently as the writer takes his time and doesn't actually directly say what he wants. He insinuates in the poem that he wants to make love to his mistress. We can tell see in the poem 'To his coy mistress' as the writer has written 'And tare our pleasures with rough strife, through the iron gates of life.' Which means he wants to have sex with her. Also there is a difference in the way that the two poems are set out as the earlier poem being 'To his coy mistress' has rhyming couplets every two lines for example 'Thus, though we cannot make our sun, Stand still, yet we will make him run.' but the later poem, 'A woman to her lover', the writer does not use rhyming couplets for example 'In drudgery and silence, No servant will I be.' ...read more.


Which is more relaxed and subtle, so instead of telling the person what to do, he is asking her, will she do this? Which is the complete opposite to the poem 'A woman to her lover' because in that poem the writer is telling and not asking. There are also similarities in the two poems. These are the fact that they have been written about a loved one or an object of the writers' affection. Additionally both writers appear to be talking about how they want their relationship with their loved one to be and how they don't want it to be. Also in both of the poems the writers appear to use old language. So although the poems have a few similarities they have more differences. I believe this is a result of the time difference in which they were written and also because of the genders of the different writers as they may have a stereotypical view of the opposite sex. Alex Falconer 11L ...read more.

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