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Compare and contrast any two of the main characters in Our Day Out. Pay particular attention to dramatic effects and how the audience might react to each of them.

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Compare and contrast any two of the main characters in Our Day Out. Pay particular attention to dramatic effects and how the audience might react to each of them. Mrs Kay and Mr Briggs Mrs Kay is the form tutor of the progress class. She is in her early forties. She is a very caring teacher and is admired by her pupils and most of the other faculty. Although some teachers are not so sure of Mrs Kay's teaching methods one of these is Mr Briggs. Mr Briggs is the form tutor of year six. He is in his early thirties and above Mrs Kay in the school. He is a very stern man and can often be taken as uncaring but the other teachers on some level respect him. The first difference in these two people is the way that they think. Mrs Kay thinks with her heart and Mr Briggs thinks with his head. Although Mrs Kay's way of thinking isn't really an appropriate way of thinking in a normal school environment the progress class is not normal. ...read more.


They would make a good parenting team together. Mr Briggs is very trustworthy and reliable whereas Mrs Kay is trustworthy she isn't very reliable. The children are in a lot safer hands with Briggs than Mrs Kay. In the beginning of the play there is a scene with the Principal is telling Mr Briggs that he is to go along on the trip to supervise. Headmaster Well I'd like you to go with her, John. We can get Frank Collins to take over your examination classes for the day. I'd just like you to be there and keep an eye on things. I don't want to be unprofessional and talk about a member of staff but I just get the impression she sees education as one long game. Briggs Well ... if the antics in her department are anything to go by ...! She always reminds me more of a mother hen rather than a teacher.... Headmaster Well, anyway, just try and keep things in some sort of order. ...read more.


They share one similar characteristic they are both very na�ve but in different ways. Mrs Kay is na�ve in the way she cant see the bad in anybody for example when she says that Digga and Reilly can come on the trip she doesn't think that they will cause trouble. Briggs sees the bad and not the good in anybody and at the zoo when the children keep asking him questions he thinks they are just being funny and not actually being serious. He thinks that they are not interested in animals just by the way they behave when really they are they just haven't ever been given the chance to touch the animals. Briggs Perhaps when we get back to school we could arrange something: maybe I could come along and give them a small talk with some slides I've got. Mrs Kay (enthusiastically) Oh would you? Briggs You should have asked me to do something a long time ago. Mrs Kay Well don't forget you've never offered before. Briggs To tell you the truth I didn't think the kids that came to you would be too interested in animals. ...read more.

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