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Compare and contrast how the Conservative and Labour 1997 manifestos use layout features and language devices to appeal to their audiences.

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Media coursework Essay title: Compare and contrast how the Conservative and Labour 1997 manifestos use layout features and language devices to appeal to their audiences. When writing their manifestos both the Labour and the Conservatives came across problems. The Labour Party since not being in government could not show any evidence that they could manage the running of the country. The Conservatives had been in power since 1979 so Labour had to accept that the Conservatives had more experience than they did. Labour in their manifesto are calling themselves New Labour, this is because they are trying to find a balance between the old Labour and the Conservatives, the values of old Labour might seem outdated so new Labour would have to be modernised and attract old Labour voters and Conservative voters this would bring more popularity but still keep the old Labour supporters. Labour also had a new leader Tony Blair who at the time had no real experience so they could not talk about how great a leader he is. The Conservatives have almost the opposite problem, they have been in power since 1979 so they cannot blame anything that has happened during the last 18 years on the Labour Party and cannot say how England need a change in political power. This limits what they can say to persuade voters to vote for them. ...read more.


The Conservatives are saying in these statements that if you vote conservative than we can carry on the success and opportunities Conservative have created and that Conservative will be able to respond to new demands. The Labour Party uses in their language the message in belief and faith, which I will deal with later in this essay. The Labour Party has a strong mood in their decision that Britain can and must be better. This makes the reader feel Britain can and must be better; it is written very strongly and direct. The six main paragraphs start with the words 'I believe' and the words 'I believe' this clearly gives over the impression of directness and belief in what he is saying. This persuades the reader to vote for Labour. Tony Blair also talks a lot about renewing faith in different aspects of Britain, many people can relate to this in Britain, which will give him many voters. The Conservative Party manifesto uses the first person plural narrative voice 'we' to great effect to continue their efforts of making their manifesto seem friendly and for the people. By using 'we' it gives over the impression of unity and shared person, as well as making the reader believe the party is speaking on behalf of the reader, creating the illusion that the party really does know the voter's thoughts. ...read more.


The Labour Party also take advantage of alliteration when they use in the title 'because Britain deserves better' using three B words causes the message to get through better to the reader that Britain will be better with Labour. It is hard to say which manifesto is the better one; I think that the Labour Party had a much easier task when writing theirs as they could not be blamed for anything that bad that had happened to Britain as they had not been in power recently, but they could say that they will do everything the Conservatives have done right. Looking at this statement there is no reason why undecided voters would not vote for Labour, obviously voters who are one track minded towards Conservatives will still vote for them. After saying this I still do believe it was not only because Labour had the easier task, but because they took advantage of this opportunity with a very well written manifesto which by used the first person narrative voice to great effect, as well as changing their name to new Labour, this definitely made an impact to the outcome of the election. In conclusion the Conservatives wrote a very good manifesto, some might say that it was actually better written than the Labour party's, but I think that the Labour Party's manifesto was the better written manifesto since they included some things the Conservatives did not which I think are vital for modern Britain, they are the mentioning of faith and belief. ...read more.

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