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Compare and contrast how the writers develop interest and suspense in the following short stories: the signal man by Charles Dickens and the three strangers by Thomas Hardy.

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Compare and contrast how the writers develop interest and suspense in the following short stories: 'the signal man' by Charles dickens and 'the three strangers' by Tomas hardy. The first thing that would have been the main difference between the two short stories, one from Charles Dickens and the other from Tomas Hardy is that Hardy has wrote the Longest one, this difference is important because it shows a point that hardy takes longer to explain what his story is about and likes to use length in a way to build up more tension. Hardy, though out his story, gives us a lot of detail, he uses this to build up tension when he starts off his story he describes how this part of agricultural England has been little modified by the lapse of centuries, then his next paragraph he comes down to fifty years ago and the lonely cottage, and how by itself stands alone only a couple miles away from a "country town ". But yet that did not stop leaving the feeling of loneliness, because of that fives miles of irregular upland and the weather that night, it seemed they were isolated and very much by themselves, detached and undefended. The as Hardy progresses into his story it comes down to the night that he had based his story on. ...read more.


Even when the railway man does give in and tell him it's ok to come down by the showing of his hand, to where the zigzag path leading down to him was, and yet the man still finds"reluctance" in the air, he doesn't seem to want to show him down, his behaviour isn't quite normal, and it again suggests something out of the ordinary. So overall, Hardy uses detail and likes to gradually bring it in to the point and usually has a twist at the end, like in his story he had negative points the whole way threw and misery, then it comes to when he describes the people, but everyone is happy, this is his way of giving an unexpected twist.,Something that we the readers would not expect. This is a good way to keep up suspense, but as for dickens, he goes straight in, short brief detailed description to keep us interested. Builds up a lot of tension that way he usually waits like Hardy until the end to give into what he needs or means to say, they are different beginners, but end the same. Even though the two short stories have different ways of building up tension they both get the reader to feel it. ...read more.


to the story, the reader would find it funny because it was not meant to be the "good side" saying this, so yes it brings fun to the story, un like Dickens story. Near the end of the two stories, Every thing is explained to the reader, in Hardys story, he tells the end by the conversation between his characters, Threw out his story they have all been used to move the story on and grip you though out, and he uses them at the end to finally tell u what had happened. But we are only to find out that, once hardy goes back over everything as though he was telling u the story again but in more detail that this thing he was telling us is that it happened many years ago, and the only thing left out of that story and what happened that night is the story it's self. For the Signal man however, Thought out the story it had started out weird abrupt, and how everything seemed so dismal, upsetting and sometimes chilling, for this is how it ended too, cause the signal mans death had came so quickly and unexpected. But he also used his character to explain what had happened in the end and it all came about. So just as the story started, it ended the same. Cara-Jade Catterson ...read more.

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