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Compare and Contrast How Two Different Writers Treat the Theme of Women In Victorian Society?

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COMPARE AND CONTRAST HOW TWO DIFFERENT WRITERS TREAT THE THEME OF WOMEN IN VICTORIAN SOCIETY? I am comparing and contrasting Kate Chopin's "Unexpected" with Thomas Hardys "Tony Kytes, the Arch-deceiver" I firstly looked at the two different backgrounds of the writers. Kate Chopin as brought up in an all girl household as her father had died when she was very young and she had no brothers. Because she lived with all women then it is easy to believe she was favourable towards women. Thomas Hardy was a builder's son and went to a public high school. Hardys background suggests nothing about him taking much interest in women's rights and it seems he was like every other man in the Victorian era. Next I looked at the characters in each of the stories. In the "Unexpected" there are only two main characters, Randall and Dorethea. I am only going to look at the character of Dorethea because she is a woman. ...read more.


In this story the women are made out to be desperate for marriage and that it is their main interest. A main example of this is after Tony asks everyone to marry him, apart from Milly; she still takes him back as it means she will be married herself. The women are portrayed as gullible and easily lead, they just seem to want a secure future and this is available from a husband. In the Victorian era, there was no other way to secure a financially sound future for a woman. All the women compete with each other over Tony even though he is meant to be deceiving, not good-looking and manipulative, showing the value of marriage during this time. Once again, in this story looks mean everything. The two stories portray the characters realisation that marriage was an important in securing futures during the Victorian era. I looked at plot/voice next, and found that both of the two stories have a twist at the end, Tony Kytes were he marries Milly at the end anyway and unexpected when Dorethea wont marry Randall because of his looks. ...read more.


Both stories show the man in the position of power, where the woman has to marry him for financial security. The target audience of the two stories were both different, Hardy's was aimed at everyone in the Victorian era whilst Chopin's was aimed at women during the Victorian era, and we can tell this because it was published in a women's magazine. To conclude, the two writers portray woman who rely on marriage for secure futures. Even though in "The Unexpected" Dorothea refuses to marry in her head it was still seen as a rebellious act. In Hardy's story it also seems as if women were meant to be obedient during this time because Hannah Jollivers father told her not to marry and so she refused Tony. I preferred "Tony Kytes the Arch-deceiver" because it was much more comical than "The Unexpected" as its message isn't as explicit as "The Unexpected" and I found it much more entertaining and easier to understand. Se�n Russell ...read more.

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