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Compare and contrast how Wordsworth and Jonson present the feelings in The Affliction of Margaret and On My First Sonne respectively

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Compare and contrast how Wordsworth and Jonson present the feelings in 'The Affliction of Margaret' and 'On My First Sonne' respectively In both poems the poets use a variety of techniques. These techniques portray an array of different feelings. The content of both poems is slightly different, in 'The Affliction of Margret' the poet looks the feelings shown by a mother loosing her child and the uncertainty the mother has to whether her son is alive or dead. In 'On my first Sonne', Jonson looks at the death of a son and how the father is saying goodbye and bringing his grief to an end. He also tries to look at death as a positive however it is evident that his love for his son still continues. There are many similarities between these two poems , one that can be seen throughout both poems is the continuous love shown by the parents towards their son's. In On my first Sonne the father claims he will never stop loving his son although his grieving is coming to an end. Similarly in The Affliction of Margaret, Margaret is suffering because of the deep love she has for her son. The poems are both written in the first person an this gives the two poems a conversational tone and makes the reader feel the emotions that the two parents are going through. ...read more.


The use of capital letters when the referring to the two son's shows the importance of the son's to their parents. There are also religious connotations by using this, as we address God with a capital letter and we refer to Jesus as God's son. The religious imagery continues in both poems, Jonson opens his poem with 'Farewell, thou child of my right hand' which can be also related to Jesus being God's 'right hand' and it shows how deeper the father loves his son and how highly he is regarded. Furthermore the son's name being 'Benjamin', means 'right hand' in Hebrew and can be linked to the above. In The Affliction of Margaret, Wordsworth writes about how Margaret's son may be free in the 'fowls of heaven', this suggests that Margaret is seeming to embrace the idea of death and that she would prefer her son to be free in heaven with God rather than living a 'chained existence' on earth like herself. Furthermore it suggests that death is more liberating than a life in uncertainty. In both poems there is a regular rhyme scheme (ABABCCC) emphasises the misery Margaret is going through and the ongoing nature of her suffering. Similarly In 'On my first Sonne', the rhyme scheme stays the same throughout the poem showing the ongoing grief and sorrow the father is experiencing. ...read more.


These three words suggest that the son was 'lent' to the father and now the father had to 'pay' God back. Furthermore the day the son died was the 'exacted' day he had to die. The use of repetition in the 'The Affliction of Margaret' gives a sense of Margaret's desperation and her desire to see or hear from her son. It makes the reader feel her rollercoaster emotions from the start of the poem. Conversely in 'On my first Sonne' there is no use of repetition. By not using repetition Jonson emphasises the changing thoughts of the father and how the father is now coming to terms with death, finishing his grieving process and trying to look at his son's death as an positive, 'And, if no other miserie, yet age'? In conclusion I believe that both 'The Affliction of Margaret' and 'On my first Sonne' demonstrate a whole host of interesting feelings by using many techniques. The poems have both differences and similarities. What I found interesting was how the both poets managed to convey different feelings and different content by using the same techniques. I also found the fact that both poems are written about different things but they both have many similarities. By analysing this poem I have realised that poets can manipulate techniques and use them to portray different imagery or suffering in the case of the mother and father. ...read more.

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