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Compare and contrast how you,as a theatre director, would present the witches scene in Macbeth to an Elizabethan Audience and a 20th Century Audience?

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Introduction Compare and contrast how you,as a theatre director, would present the witches scene in Macbeth to and elizabethan audience,and a 20 Century audience In the witches scene i am going to take a list of different things in which are needed to make up a play and compare the things between the different era's that are Elizabethan an 20th Century. The things in which i am going to discuss are listed below. * Costume / Makeup * Scenery / Setting / Stage direction * Personality * Extras / Walk-ons * Special Effects / Lighting / Sound effects * Music * Casting / Effects In the list above i will use the different topics to structure my discussion into diffent section discussing the effects used in the different scenes and how i would use these to decide on how, i as a theatre director, would write about the different topics. Costume and makeup - I will give the witches ripped dirty and baggy clothes. "When shall we three meet again? In thunder, lightning or rain?" This quotation shakespeare, in my opinion, is trying to show the reader how unpleasant the witches are by showing what type of witches they are. I think Shakespeare is trying to show us that the witches are evil so that is the reason i wuold give them this ...read more.


In the 20th Century version i would let the witches cast there spell in an old abandoned graveyard to exaggurate the aspect of the witches being evil. I would also keep the weather the same as the Elizabethan version because the weather fits the withches personality and also the casting of a spell in a graveyard is supposed to make the watcher of the play be spooked. Later in the witches act,in the Elizabethan version when everybody is speaking to Macbeth in the castle, i will make the weather rainy and dark to give the feeling that a bloody battle has just gone on and how an evil plot is being planned by lady Macbeth to try and convice macbeth that he must do anything to become king. In the 20 th Century Version I will set the scene in a big Penthouse appartment and there will be rain pelting against the windows while they are plotting the plan. Personality I would give the witches a personality that shows the witches to be decieving and evil. "When shall we three meet again? In thunder, lightning or rain?....... ......When the hurly-burly's done, When the battles lost, and won." In the quotation above it shows that they are planning to meet macbeth and they want to meet him in a dark and gloomy place. ...read more.


this time i will also include thunder and lightning while she is plotting to kill Duncan and i will also use gothic music to create a feeling of evil in both eras aof the play Music In the Elizabethan version of the play i would use music from that era and when the witches are chanting and plotting and when lady Macbeth are plotting evil things, Church gothical music will play to create a mysterious feeling. In the first scene when the witches are making a spell i will use dotty music that rhymes with the chant that the witches do. This will emphasis the spell effect that the witches are chanting. Casting / Effects Int he Elizabethan version of the play i would use actors that are unknown to the commom audience. This is to emphasise the age of the play. In the 20th Century play i will use stars that are well known to the common audience because i dont think it would be right using well known actors in an old style play. This is because an audience mostly see new actors like Tom Cruise and other hollywood actors in Modern style movies and i dont think the actors will be well suited for some of the language used in the old style of the play. ...read more.

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