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Compare and Contrast Poem William Wordsworths

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Compare and Contrast Poem William Wordsworths's "Composed upon Westminster Bridge 1802" and William Blake's "London" In this essay I will discuss how London is portrayed quite differently by the two poets and their poems William Wordsworth's "composed upon Westminster Bridge 1802" and William Blake's "London." Blake is known as a political poet whereas Wordsworth is acknowledged for writing about Nature. His descriptions of natural places and observations and images are so lovingly dwelt upon; He describes London as a peaceful place to be, in the Morning. On the other hand William Blake is a visitor to London and he speaks of the City at dawn and describes a dark, inactive and suffering city on London. ...read more.


William Wordsworth was born in 1770 in England and was raised amongst the mountains of Cumberland along a river, after his parents died he was protected by relatives during childhood. At this stage of his life mostly at university he became a very keen poet. When his father died he inherited his father's library, which helped engage his love for poetry at an even deeper level. He grew up in a very rustic society and spent a great deal outdoors and with nature. He was very optimistic in his poems and said "poems are the overflow of emotions." So under the influence of that theory "Composed upon Westminster Bridge 1802" he shows London pure and tranquil. ...read more.


"Composed upon Westminster Bridge 1802" is in well with harmony with nature in this poem he also describes the cities architecture "ships, towers, domes theatres and temples." He appreciates natural beauty and says nature cannot rival. In the first line of the sonnet he describes London as he is utterly dazzled by it. "Earth has not anything to show more fair" and he goes on "Dull would he be a soul who could just pass by." This state's only a boring person could just walk by and not be dazzled by the view. Besides the hyperbolic description of the city, he personifies the city as a beautiful garment on a person. "This city now doth on a garment wear." So the city is not a passive object anymore, but it is as real as ever ...read more.

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