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Compare and contrast "Porphyria's lover and "My last Duchess", refer in detail to themes and characters.

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Compare and contrast "Porphyria's lover and "My last Duchess", refer in detail to themes and characters The writer of both of the poems is Robert Browning. They were written in the 19th century and as such there are many differences and similarities within the poems, of which some can be easily seen such as death, love and the idealisation of woman. The death of the last duchess can be seen as premeditated as her lover, the Duke instructs someone to kill her. "I gave commands; then all smiles stopped together" This may have been caused by the duchess childlike and immature manner and although he could have informed her about her attitude he decided not to lower himself to her level due to his arrogant nature. ...read more.


In "My last duchess" the male character feels no loss or sorrow for the life he has taken and does not regret his actions. Although Porphyria's lover doubts his actions for a moment, he reassures himself through the belief that she felt no pain and that god has not said a word. "No I am quite sure no pain felt she" He continuously reassures himself that his actions were for the best for both of them, in order to reaffirm his justification of the act and his guilty conscience. The last difference in the death circumstances that I noticed was that in "My last duchess" Robert Browning does not describes the death scene leaving the reader to assume how the murder took place where as in "Porphyria's lover" he describes the murder in detail as to present the reader with a picture. ...read more.


In "Porphyria's lover", Robert Browning uses a imaginary listener to set and build up suspense. The scene where Porphyria's lover is waiting for Porphyria is set as being freighting and depressing. This is done by his description of the weather, the strong winds hitting against the trees along with the pouring downfall of rain set the scene for a emotional climax. "The sun set early in to-night, The sudden wind soon awake, It tore the elm-tops down for spite, And did it worst to vex the lake" The last duchess and Porphyria's lover are both single stanza poems. The writing is very emotive and dramatic. Akif Mehr 10k5 English coursework ...read more.

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