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Compare and contrast Ralph and Jack’s leadership skills

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Compare and contrast Ralph and Jack's leadership skills In the first chapter Ralph is clearly the more dominant figure. He has given Jack leadership of the Hunters. This is so that no arguing can develop between the two boys. This pattern of leadership goes on the same until Ralph is left building the shelters alone, and Jack is tracking down a pig. The rest of the boys are playing in the sea. In the fourth chapter the tension starts to build up, causing a lot of friction. This is what Jack wanted to do; causing friction was his plan to gain leadership of the group as a whole. ...read more.


Once back at the main camp Jack is very scared but attempts to hide the fact that he is. The next thing to happen was that Jacks breakaway group of over three-quarters of the group go on a hunt and they are successful. They catch a pig and ask Ralph to go and join them for dinner around the fire. Once there they eat and after dinner they all including Ralph and Piggy do a Tribal dance when a big storm starts. Then out of the forest comes Simon, Jacks new found power means that he had the influence on the group to tell them to attack Simon who was thought to be the beast. ...read more.


The power of the group started with Ralph but then switched to Jack. Jack is a much harder tougher leader, because of the fact that he enjoys hunting for food while Ralph is a more subdued character and he likes to try and be a bit calmer. Ralph is more practical figure, building shelters and establishing groups. Jack just wants to get food and to build fires. Both boys hate each other and the reason for this is probably because of the fact that they have such similar leadership skills yet such weird ideas of how to survive. From the start it was obvious that Jack wasn't going to stand for Ralph being leader, the swap around had to happen at some time and that was obvious. ...read more.

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