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Compare and Contrast Robert Browning(TM)s The Laboratory and Carol Ann Duffy(TM)s Havisham.

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Compare and Contrast Robert Browning's "The Laboratory" and Carol Ann Duffy's "Havisham". "The Laboratory" by Robert Browning and "Havisham" by Carol Ann Duffy are two poems which are representations of a woman's revenge and fury that takes place when angered by a male. It is a guide to what havoc a woman's wrath can cause just to get her revenge back. We also come to realise as to what length a woman can go and the malicious capacities she displays out of revenge. It shows that the actions of a man can turn the character of a woman from a calm, loving individual into that of a ferocious, almost wicked one. This is coined in a famous phrase "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned". In Carol Ann Duffy's poem we see how outraged she is, as in the title of the poem she only mentions "Havisham" without specifying that she is "Miss Havisham" resenting the fact that she has been rejected by her lover. In heart breaking desperation she curses "Not a day since then I haven't wished him dead". Bitter resentment brought even a change in her life as the verse clearly shows: "Whole days in bed cawing..." ...read more.


Her old age could also explain why she has such a passive personality. We see that she is very frustrated as she uses inappropriate language in the oxymoronic phrase "Beloved sweetheart bastard." This shows more resentment and hatred to the husband. While in Robert Browning's poem we see that the woman is very aware of her beauty and she says "She's not little, no minion like me!" This may suggest that her rival is larger, therefore unattractive. Since we know that she is younger and more energetic, it could be why she is deciding to use physical force. These two women feel pretty much the same about the men who disturbed them however, we see that in "Havisham" the woman detests all males, whilst in Robert Browning's poem we see that the woman wants another chance with the husband as she says on the last line "Ere I know it --- next moment I dance at the King's". Both women have very low self esteem as they cannot take it that they have been left and the man has departed. They cannot accept their own fate and this has made them very weak and they cannot keep control of their own lives. ...read more.


In these poems a lot of gothic literature is used throughout to emphasize on the severity and longing of a male partner. It explores madness and isolation and is set in very old houses which fit the scene of horror and evil. The poem contains many supernatural and decay in them and vivid description of death and mysterious things. Both women act in an uncivilised manner such as the phrase "the dress yellowing" which could mean that she does not change them and urinates in them. This also makes her seem like an animal. In "The Laboratory" we see that the woman goes to a secret dark place to an alchemist for making her poison. This is all associated with gothic literature. Both poems carry very similar meanings and are expressed in different ways and the supposed audience is for people who treat women as possessions and does not recognise them as a favour. Both women have reacted in very different manners but carry a same important meaning. It reinforces the fact that women may cause ultimate harm if provoked and make men more aware of them. The women are similar because they have experience the same thing, they are just reacting in different ways to each other. Which way is more efficient is another question. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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