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Compare and Contrast Scrooge in Stave 1 and in Stave 5 in Charles Dickens novel a Christmas Carol.

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Compare and Contrast Scrooge in Stave 1 and in Stave 5 In Charles Dickens novel a Christmas Carol the main character Scrooge makes a miraculous change from being a amoral person to someone who possessed many good qualities. In this essay I will endeavour to show these character changes. At the start of Stave 1 Dickens sets the atmosphere by mentioning Marley's death this introduces a gloomy mood. This enables Dickens to describe Scrooges personality , He does this by using words such as "greedy , grasping and as a covetous old sinner". These adjectives immediately tell you that Scrooge is not a nice person. Another example of this is that on page 2 it tells us that after Marley's death Scrooge kept his name on the plaque outside the business. This was probably because if he kept the name on the plaque it would benefit his business if people thought Marley was alive. ...read more.


Scrooges attitude also changes to Bob Cratchitt . In Stave one Scrooge has little care for Bob Cratchitt's welfare this is shown when he describes his disgust at Bob Cratchitt wanting Christmas day off work. He describes Christmas as a " Poor excuse for picking a man's pocket". His not only shows that Scrooge had no Christmas spirit in Stave one but also that he does not care about his employee Bob Cratchitt. But in Stave five his behaviour changes from being tight fisted to generous as he gives the Cratchitt family a large turkey as well as giving Bob a pay rise. In Stave one Scrooge is quite aggressive to people who want money from him . For instance when a carol singer called at Scrooges offices Scrooge threatens to hit him with a ruler if he does not leave. ...read more.


Scrooge shows that he has changed because he has gone against what he once thought was right and accepted other peoples views. Overall I feel that Scrooges encounter with the three spirits changed his way of life and thinking. Dickens uses different atmospheres to show Scrooges emotions at the time; in Stave one the atmosphere is cold and melancholy but in Stave 5 the atmosphere is bright and jovial. This helps to add contrast along with Scrooges character changes. Scrooge is a very different person in Stave five than he is in Stave one. Dickens finishes the novel with a happy ending by writing about Scrooge rectify his previous mistakes such as his bad treatment of Bob Cratchitt and the charity collector. This shows that people can change. Finally I feel that Scrooge's encounter with the spirits helped him become the man he would have been if his past had been different. ...read more.

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