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Compare and Contrast "Shooting an Elephant" And "A Hanging".

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Sagar Manilal 30-Aug-2002 Compare and Contrast "Shooting an Elephant" And "A Hanging" This essay will compare and contrast two short stories written by George Orwell, "Shooting and Elephant" and "A Hanging". The setting of both the places was in Burma, a country in Asia. In "A Hanging" the setting was mainly in a jail whereas in "Shooting an Elephant was in a Moulmein, in lower Burma where an Elephant went 'mute'. The Characters in "A Hanging" were mainly a Hindu who was very small whit no hair and vague liquid eyes, also he had a thick, moustache which was humongous for his body. Also George Orwell played a character in the story but he was the narrator and also there were six wardens as well as the superintendent. The supervisor of the jail was "an army doctor with grey toothbrush moustache and a gruff voice". ...read more.


The use of colours in both stories was mainly yellow and brown. The yellow was used to distinguish the colour of the people in "Shooting an Elephant" whereas in "A Hanging" it was used to apply an image of the weather and setting of the jail. Brown in "A Hanging" was used to identify the men, "brown silent men were squatting". Brown in the other story was used to apply a feel of the setting. The opening line in "Shooting an Elephant" was "IN MOULMEIN, LOWER BURMA, I was hated by large numbers of people-the only time in my life that I have been important enough for this to happen to me". In "A Hanging" the opening line is "It was in Burma, a sodden morning of the rains". I think that the opening sentence of "Shooting an Elephant was much more effective as it displays an outcome of an interesting way to rely its people, the Burmese to respect Orwell. ...read more.


Another line in "Shooting and Elephant" shows how a person has a value but in a negative way, by putting money on his head; "an elephant was worth more than and damn Coringhee coolie". In both the stories there are two main animals involved, an elephant in "Shooting an Elephant" and a dog in "A Hanging". But the elephant was angry, destructive, violent, as well as 'mute'. The dog in "A Hanging" was kind, affectionate, caring towards the man being hanged. This shows that the animals to have different aspects of life, the elephant had no feelings towards the man he killed like Orwell and the dog did have feeling unlike the superintendent. In conclusion to this essay, Orwell displays two different scenarios where killing and no value for so called 'inferior' people in the eyes of Orwell and the superintendent. It can be suggested that Orwell is trying to show people that humans an animals are not diverse and share many similarities and all should be treated equally. ...read more.

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