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Compare and contrast the attitudes shown towards love, in at least two different pre-twentieth century poems.

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Compare and contrast the attitudes shown towards love, in at least two different pre-twentieth century poems. Love is a belief amongst human beings. Aristotle said "love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies", therefore he believed that love cannot be felt by one person, it can be felt when it is shared among two people. Love is something that should be felt with the heart, if it is true, "the best and most beautiful things in this world cannot be seen or even heard, but must be felt with the heart", this was said by Helen Adams Keller, a deaf-blind American, who learned to appreciate the best things in life, like love through her heart. There are different beliefs about love, and it means something different to several people. Poetry is one of the many ways people put across their views about love. So there are many poems about love, because it is easier to express love in a short amount of time, in a lyrical, rhythmical form. Furthermore, the imagery contained in a poem is very vivid and different to ones seen in films; poems like "when we two parted", by Lord Bryon tells us about love hurting because the man has just been rejected by his love affair "when we two parted in silence and tears". ...read more.


It seems as though the poet is making a vow to her lover 'till death do us part', that their love is eternal. This stanza contrasts with stanza three, because in stanza three she makes references to sex, "than to gratify your clamorous desire", here she is complaining about the lover just wanting her for the physical part of sex. However in the last stanza she also makes a reference about sex, ", and mate", but this sex is love making and possibly conception, and not just for fun. There are many different types of love in this poem, because the different types of love, relates to different lovers. In the first stanza the type of love is tough love, "to make me a bond slave"; the lover is abusing his position, by treating her like a slave, and showing no love towards her. The second one is like false love, because the woman has no input in the relationship, "whose every deed and word is golden". The third love is sexual love, the lover just wants her for sex, "than gratify your clamorous desire". Lastly the fourth love is eternal love, "until we reach the very heart of God". The first three stanzas in the poem are fast-paced; Walsh uses words that make the reader dislike the lovers, i.e. ...read more.


'Remember' is very sad, and emotional, because someone could be dying, and the person is pleading to her lover not to forget her. The reason I like it, is because it talks about sad events that occur in a relationship and how hard they are to get over, it gives a realistic idea of what relationships are like. I think this poem maybe about Rossetti, which is why she uses "you", so the reader can empathise with her, and give her sympathy for what she went through. 'Remember' is the title and was used five times in the poem, "Remember". She uses repetition just like 'A woman to her lover'; "I refuse you" was used twice. This is because both poets want to emphasise their points. Rossetti wants to be "remembered", and Walsh is rejecting her lovers. Overall I love both of the poems, because they can be interpreted in different ways, and because they talk about love that everyone will experience throughout their life, from the moment they start dating. I.e. Love will hurt when you and your first love depart, tragic love, when someone you love dies, and eternal love when you marry the right one. In addition when you celebrate the anniversary of marriage/ love, this is like another pre-twentieth poem studied, 'A birthday'. This poem was written by Christina Rossetti, the poem celebrates the birthday of marriage and eternal love. This contrasts to 'Remember' which was also written by Rossetti. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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