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Compare And Contrast The Codes And Conventions Of 2 Documentaries, Showing How Their Presentation Affects The Subject Matter

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Compare And Contrast The Codes And Conventions Of 2 Documentaries, Showing How Their Presentation Affects The Subject Matter The ways in which the codes and conventions are used the documentaries are that many of them have an interviewer this is sometimes either an invisible interviewer or the interviewer is present and is can be picked out by the audience. Also the camera work differs. The two documentaries I will be concentrating on will be '9/11' by the 'Naudet brothers' (9/11, Naudet Brothers, 2002, Fr/US) '9/11'was released by 21st Century Fox, it was released as a film. September Mourning' by 'Roger Graef' (September Mourning, Roger Graef, 2002) this was released by Roger Grief's own production company, this was released as a T.V. documentary. Both of the documentaries are about the incident that took place on September 11th 2001. The main differences between the two documentaries are that 9/11's narrative was about a rookie fire fighter and the events of September 11th just happened to be at the same time. Also, '9/11' has many narratives. '9/11' tells you the story of September 11th from a fire fighter's perspective and how the Americans coped with it. Whereas 'September Mourning' is about the after effects and how the families have coped with it. In both documentaries there is hand-held camera work. ...read more.


In 9/11 there are interviews of other fire fighters and interviews of the Naudet brothers. There are also voice-overs of other fire fighters. In 'September Mourning' the voice-overs are only ever the interviewees. '9/11' almost turns into an entertainment program and you seem to get involved with it, it was not intrusive. Whereas 'September Mourning' seemed to many people as to being intrusive and that when the relatives of the victims get emotional then Roger Graef zooms in, this is very intrusive. Many people also think that there was no need for the music in '9/11' and that the music seems to be computerised. Some people also think that 'September Mourning' was unwatchable because it was so moving and it was so full of tragedy. '9/11' was 'watered' down and it wasn't intrusive but it made the point and was 'designed to be sold' because 21st Century Fox put their money into it and it wants it's money back. '9/11' also had one of the Naudet brothers in one of the towers and because of the debris going everywhere that he had to keep on cleaning his lense. Usually parts like that a filmmaker would cut out but because this issue was so real that they left it in. Also, '9/11' uses slow motion in parts but 'September Mourning' doesn't. ...read more.


There is another victim and he was called 'Godwin Forde' he saved lives in the tower but he is not celebrated as a hero because he was a security guard and that was his job. Roger seems to use a lot of natural surroundings, in a shot in a car he has a shot of trees without leaves. This almost shows confusion, in another shot he has Rick Rescorla's wife in at a cemetery and he has a shot of her in between 2 trees, this makes it looks like she is trapped and has no way to go. In another shot of the New York skyline it is behind a gate, this shows that the city of New York is under threat and that it can't get away from what happened. Another victim of the attack is 'Simon Turner' he went for a business trip to New York for 4 days and he died. He left a 7 month pregnant wife. In another shot of the New York skyline there is the Brooklyn bridge and this shows that New York is not alone and that it has a lot of people from different places supporting it. In 'September Mourning' Roger Graef only has the relatives talking and he just films this, he doesn't talk in it. He probably does this to show people that the relatives were affected and they should be able to talk instead of him. AASEM RASHID MEDIA STUDIES 10SI ...read more.

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