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Compare And Contrast The Depiction Of London In 'Upon Westminster Bridge and 'From A London Drawing Room'

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English Coursework - Compare And Contrast The Depiction Of London In 'Upon Westminster Bridge and 'From A London Drawing Room' By James Windsor 10L Upon Westminster Bridge sets the scene with the title. The view from Westminster Bridge is what the inspired the poet. From a London Drawing Room gives us the location but also an insight into the poet's lifestyle, as only the wealthy had drawing rooms so it shows the poet is quite well off. The location (being the drawing room) means the room is possibly quite dull. As drawing rooms were often used as quiet places for knitting or smoking. This could have influence on the poet's negativity during the poem. The setting is very different from Upon Westminster Bridge, Both from the poets writing location (The drawing room) and also the view from the window the poet is looking out of, which could have influence on what the poet sees or hears which effects the poem overall. Upon Westminster Bridge is a 14 line Petrachan sonnet which shows the poet's love for the city (as sonnets were usually written about love). The poem is split with a volta after 8 lines which divides the sections. After the volta the poet seems more engaged with his own emotions. ...read more.


The rest of the sestet is based around the natural world and begins with: 'never did the sun more beautifully steep' showing the poet's feelings about that particular day, It is the most beautiful the sun has ever been. This view of London has a calming effect 'Ne'er saw I, Never felt a calm so deep' The phrase could refer to Wordsworth's soul when he says 'so deep', that the effect has even reached a spiritual level. Wordsworth emits a feeling of freewill 'The River Glideth at his own sweet will' The poet uses this line to suggest a sense of freedom, in that the river can glide at the pace it wants to, it has the choice. The penultimate line of the sonnet starts with the exclamation 'Dear God!' the poet thanks god for the beauty of the city in this exclamation. The last line creates a feeling the city could spring to life later: 'And all that mighty heart is lying still!' This line uses personification to make the city seem more life like when he emphasises the city is sleeping. But also to indicate that like a human it could come to life at any point From A London Drawing Room begins with a feeling of emotion expressed mainly through weather. ...read more.


It has a pessimistic tone throughout. In phrases such as 'Like solid fog: far as the eye can stretch' which create a gloomy feeling. The poems despite being very different at first glance have many comparisons between them. They both talk about the air one describing it as ' Glittering in the smokeless air' the other saying 'yellowed by smoke' this shows the comparison of the poets views. Both poets also express views on the man made structures and the natural world and compare the effect London has on it. Such as 'Cutting the sky with one long line of wall' which is used in From A London Drawing Room. Upon Westminster Bridge Combines the two and discusses their beauty and magnificence whereas From A London Drawing Room takes feels that London is killing the beauty of the natural world with its dark nature. Both poems are even similar to the extent they use the same aspect of personification in using garments or material to have an effect on the city but once again one is the positive - 'garment' and the other is heavy and dull Hemp. Overall despite the poems being very different in their depiction of London they share lots of similarities, in how they describe the city and natural world despite taking the conflicting views on it. James Windsor 10L 13/07/2009 ...read more.

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