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Compare and Contrast the experience of Education of Billy in a “Kestrel for a Knave” and Jane in “Jane Eyre”

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Compare and Contrast the experience of Education of Billy in a "Kestrel for a Knave" and Jane in "Jane Eyre" There are many differences between Jane and Billy but also many similarities. The main similarity between both Jane and Billy though is that in both stories they have unsatisfactory home lives. Both not being cared out by the adults of the household and bullied by the eldest male in the house; Jud and John Reed. In both schools in both stories a majority of the teachers and the headmaster/owner of the school tending to be very strict and mean to the pupils like Mr Gryce and Mr Brocklehurst. ...read more.


The conditions and atmosphere of the school are entirely different, Jane's school being very strict, solemn and organised and very little funding in terms of food and resources. Billy's school is a Secondary modern and is quite new with plenty of resources available but many of the pupils misbehaving. Charlotte Bront�'s history was very bleak. Charlotte like her sisters went to Cowar Bridge School. Her two eldest sisters Maria and Elizabeth became ill and returned home where they later died. She always believed that her health was affected by the time there, which is portrayed as Lowood in Jane Eyre while Helen Burns was modelled on her eldest sister Maria who died of Tuberculosis. ...read more.


The stories are set in two different place with most of Jane Eyre being set in Yorkshire where Lowbridge and the Reed Manor in that county as well. The story is during the 19th century, during the time it was written by Charlotte Bront� and other things including the technology and society, i.e. the horse and cart, the servants in the reed manor. Kes is set in the 1960s. Billy's school is a Secondary Modern for those who were not seen as academic and many of the pupils (including Billy) were expected to go and work in the only industry that was available in the town; mining. ...read more.

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