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Compare and contrast the features of a tabloid and broadsheet newspaper. Consider the role the media plays in our society.

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Kendall Smith 10 Yellow 28th September 2007 Media Coursework Compare and contrast the features of a tabloid and broadsheet newspaper. Consider the role the media plays in our society. The media in general plays a huge part in our society by using forms of TV, radio and in adverts in papers, even adverts on the side of a bus. This is to get our attention to make us buy or watch what they are putting out, to make people excited of what they are selling, by making them like that thing by using forms of TV and radio saying psychologically 'if your cool then you have to get this'. In tabloid newspapers they don't have many intelligent words because the audience they go for are people who are not well educated, tabloids talk about things like sports, fashion, celebrity gossip and the latest music, however broadsheet newspapers go for more knowledgeable people, people that are lawyers and bankers, so they use more intelligent words and talk about political issues, things intellectual people would understand and would like to read. ...read more.


A tabloid would also use puns to make the article more interesting for the lower class audience, whereas a broadsheet wouldn't because their articles are about important issues and they don't need to be made into jokes. There should always be the 5 w's in articles to make them whole otherwise the article would be nothing. E.g. I took an article from the daily telegraph on the 19th September 2007 and within the first paragraph I took note of the 5 w's which were: Who: US Federal Reserve - establish who the article is about, What: Took Action - what happened, When: Last Night - the news has to be new news and this shows us that it is new news, Where: In America - where the news was found, and Why: To Prevent Global Financial Crisis - why is the article there. So already in the first paragraph we know what its about so we can judge if we would like to read about it further. ...read more.


'these are the clothes you should be buying' so they would try and make it into a fact when its really there own opinion. I started a media journal for a week to see how much media effects my time, the result of it all was that I spent more time watching TV and listening to music then I did doing anything else e.g. doing my homework or doing something useful, this proves that the media can have a massive effect on our lives if we let it. The question we have to ask ourselves is 'is the media or the audience in control?' and to find the answer we have to compare the different ways the media influences the audience and the different ways the audience influences the media. This table shows that we use the media just as much as the media uses us. This diagram shows that the media needs us otherwise the media wouldn't work and that we need the media as well. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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