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Compare and contrast the media techniques used to portray the D-day landings in 'Saving Private Ryan' and 'The Longest Day', showing how the portrayals have changed over time.

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GCSE Media Assignment Compare and contrast the media techniques used to portray the D-day landings in 'Saving Private Ryan' and 'The Longest Day', showing how the portrayals have changed over time. The D-day landings were the turning point in WW2 for the Allied forces; the Allies attacked Normandy, as they made the Germans think they would land at Calais. The landings started June 6th 1944, the allies has chosen which forces would attack which beach, the British would attack beaches Gold and Sword, the Americans would attack Utah and Omaha and the Canadians would attack Juno. 3 million troops crossed the channel onto Normandy, not all of these were on D-day, on D-day there was 162,115 soldiers crossing onto Normandy, 73,000 were American, 21,400 were Canadian and 67,715 were British. There were 11,590 aircraft that would support the landing troops. The troops got across the channel by 1213 naval combat ships, 736 ancillary craft and 864 merchant vessels. They got onto the beaches using 4126 landing craft. The brutality during the landings was very fierce; in the case of The Longest Day the fighting is very different to the actual war. There are no horrific deaths, whereas in Saving Private Ryan, Steven Spielberg aims for verisimilitude. In the opening sequences of The Longest Day it starts with the German soldiers manning their defences, an American general who is overseeing the operation, a French fleet and then naval ships which open fire on the beaches. ...read more.


some have their adrenaline pumping, one man on the boat is praying, turning to religion for help and thinking if he dies there is somewhere to go. There is some suspense building as the soldier's progress towards the beach. I think the audience would be shocked by the reality of this film, especially those who were fighting in the war, showing the true grit of the war. The battle scenes in each film are very different, The Longest Day cuts between the German and American forces, the cameras used were fixed into position and very stable, these were used when the soldiers were running off the landing craft, some elements of comedy is used, the beachmaster with his bulldog, though this is good historical accuracy as their was a beachmaster who took his dog. The other comedy used is when the news reporters send pigeons off sending messages to the news company, the pigeons fly off and they are called 'traitors'. The deaths that occur in this film are very different to Saving Private Ryan; they are infrequent, quick, quiet, and clean, many of the things which make the deaths different may be down to the fact that many of those who were fighting in the war were alive during the time of the making of the film, the director may not want to upset anyone. ...read more.


The soldiers swear because they are fighting and are in the heat of the moment, and getting their thoughts out. One man before he snipers someone, says a prayer, this may be for him to stay alive or for a good shot. The two films were very good for their time and with the technology available to each director I think they did very well, each one made full use of the big-budget given to them and to good effect. The tone and atmosphere of each film is very different, The Longest Day shows a cheery atmosphere with elements of humour and Saving Private Ryan showed the reality of the landings. I think Darryl Zanuck tried to show the logistics of the battle, the effect on the English, American, French and the German soldiers. I think he also tried to honour the soldier's memories. Steven Spielberg tried to give a movie showing the intensity of the battle, and show the audience what really happened. I think both directors have been successful in their aims for their movies. The directors choices used to portray the D-day landings has changed vastly over time, The Longest Day showed that the Germans were arrogant, evil and ruthless killers and the Allied forces seemed superior to them. Saving Private Ryan showed a different portrayal of the war, showing that the Americans were trying to liberate France and that the Germans soldiers were not evil, they were trying to defend themselves. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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