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Compare and contrast the opening scenes from Baz Luhrmann's Romeo and Juliet to these in the Franko Zeffirelli Version

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Compare and contrast the opening scenes from Baz Luhrmann's "Romeo and Juliet" to these in the Franko Zeffirelli Version This Media essay is to give a clear analysis of the 1990's and 1960's versions of Romeo and Juliet. I will be focusing on their opening scenes and identifying the comparisons and differences between these two films. The Franko zeffirelli version is set in Verona, Italy. It opens over the city then moves to a market place where Abraham and Balthasar ( the Montegues) are. A group of capulets insult the montegues and a sword fight begins. Benvolio, Romeo's cousin enters to break up the brawl. However before he is able to stop the brawl the capulets enter and tybalt , Juliet's cousin joins the sword fight and over powers his attempt to stop it. The families from both houses soon join and a large battle is under way. The prince enters on horseback and stops the battle charging them with death if they raise their swords. The Baz Luhrmann version is set in Veronabeach, America and opens with a news report, which leads onto the city and a short preview of the movie. It then moves to the Montegue Boys in a car driving through veronabeach, then parking at a petrol station. ...read more.


Other effects in this version are blood and general effects witch show mayhem during the battle. The colour used in this is very dull but the two families have there own contrast, the Montegues wear dark clothes and the Capulets wear lighter clothing. The scene is beige and brown it is very rough colour and makes the scene more realistic. The clothes are of and old style and are very arcate. The camera work is not very sophisticated and mainly uses fixed cameras witch zoom in and out, as a result most scenes start close in and zoom out to view the whole picture. The camera does however take a couple of strange view points like following a sword or behind market stalls this is done to make it more interesting. When Abraham arrives the camera moves to a close up on his face it switches between Abraham and Benvolio's faces, this is to build tension before the fight begins. There is no music during the sword fight but some slow music witch fits the medieval style very well when they are in the market. Sound effects like the colliding of swords, ringing of bells and overall market commotion give a very real effect to this film and make it gel with the scene perfectly. ...read more.


In the Zeffirelli version before the prince enters you hear the hoofs and trumpet these sound effects are used to give importance to the prince. The prince wears dark read and rids a white horse, this also that shows his power and position in Verona are very high. The royal fanfare sounds for his entrance. The camera is from his height and this shows him above all the other people, this also shows his importance. The director clearly wanted to make the prince look powerful so used height to show his importance. In the Luhrmann version the sirens and helicopter blades can be heard approaching before the captain prince is seen. The captain prince is also above the battle when he is seen to show his importance. Captain Prince is wearing uniform and although it is not a royal gown it does show he is powerful and important to his people. These films are very different purely because of who they were produced for, the Zeffirelli version was produced for adults, its historically correct and has used Shakespeare's script as a back bone to show his's work and to show what this would be like. Where the Luhrmann version was produced for teenagers, it is fast, modern, funny but still uses the Shakespearean style this is an alternative version of the film where the Zeffirelli version was straight forward. ...read more.

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