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Compare and contrast the poem London by William Blake and William Wordsworth's poem Composed upon Westminster Bridge.

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Wordsworth and Blake essay In this essay I intend to compare and contrast the poem London by William Blake and William Wordsworth's poem Composed upon Westminster Bridge. The poems are written from two very different perspectives. William Blake's poem London is about a lifetime of London and is very negative he puts London out to be ugly depressing and very much in despair he tells us of prostitutes and very depressed people. Where as William Wordsworth's poem Composed upon Westminster Bridge is very positive. Wordsworth's poem gives out the impression of London as a beautiful spectacular city. Wordsworth was a visitor to London and therefore his poem is about only a small snapshot of the city, when it is very quiet and at sunrise, his view is from Westminster Bridge from which the back streets prostitutes etc cannot be seen. William Wordsworth was born in the Lake District and travelled around Europe he was a visitor to London. ...read more.


Wordsworth uses personification twice in the sestet, 'never did the sun more beautifully steep in his first splendour valley rock or hill' he is giving the sun human qualities, he refers to the sun as a he, he is saying that the sun has never shone more beautifully over country scenes he has visited in the past. He then again uses personification to talk about the river Thames, 'the river glideth at his own sweet will' he is again comparing the river to a male he is saying that the river is flowing along peacefully. He also uses simile in the octave, he is saying the city has clothed its self with a garment of beauty to hide the smoke filled air and noisy people. However unlike Wordsworth, Blake does not use personification or simile Blake uses metaphor and alliteration he uses metaphor when he says 'the mind forg'd manacles I hear' by this he means people are trapped in their own minds, due to how depressing their living conditions are, and ...read more.


Blake is putting out a very negative view of London he seems appalled and has a very sarcastic opinion; his overall opinion of London is that it is disgusting, full of sadness and disgrace. He talks about how he thinks prostitutes have ruined marriages 'and blights with plagues the marriage hearse' he is also telling us that after the men have used the prostitutes they have used the prostitutes they are going back to their wives taking disease into the marriage. Although in Wordsworth's poem it is a very positive view of London, he is amazed by London especially in this particular moment, he has very high opinions of the city. 'Ne'er saw I, never felt, a calm so deep' this is telling us how he feels. Wordsworth was a traveller of Europe and in all the sights he must have seen he thinks this is by far the best. The poem London has a very regular rhyme, the rhyme scheme is on alternate lines e.g. ab ab cd cd. Wordsworth's poem also has a very regular rhyme to it this also seems to be on alternate lines. ...read more.

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