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Compare and contrast the poems "I am not that woman" by Kishwar Naheed and "women work" by Maya Angelou.

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Compare and contrast the poems "I am not that woman" by Kishwar Naheed and "women work" by Maya Angelou. The poems that I am going to discuss are "I am not that woman" by Kishwar Naheed and "women work" by Maya Angelou. Kishwar Naheed is one of the leading poets of Pakistan and writes in Urdu, in her poetry, Naheed writes about the tradition of arranged marriages. She represents the culture of Asian women. Women in Naheed poetry seem to be treated like slaves. Maya Angelou is a black American who grew up in Arkansas. Angelou has had a celebrated career as a poet and recited a poem at the inauguration of adoration of Bill Clinton. The presentation of women in Angelou's poetry is also that there treated like slaves. ...read more.


She is angry because people in her religion are acting as if she is a slave Naheed is arguing against the stereotype of a woman being obedient. The speaker in the poem tells us what she isn't. For example she tells us that she isn't "The women selling you socks and shoes" She also tells us that "my light cannot be hidden in darkness" By this she means that she is going to shine in the world despite all the pain and hurt she's had in her life. Finally at the end of the poem the poet is confident that she can "flower free". By this she means that she can be free from all that's happened to her in her life. Naheed comments on the position on the position of the women in her culture. ...read more.


It also emphasises the jobs the women have to do. The poet uses alliteration in the title of the poem. This makes the title stand out and also sums up what the poem is about. Through reading this poem I have learned that May Angelou's views womanhood as a role that they are treated like slaves. I have also learned that the poet doesn't like the way the women in her culture has to do all the chores. I think that the most positive poem I have read is "women work" by Maya Angelou because it gives me a clear picture of the sort of jobs that she has to do in her daily life style. ?? ?? ?? ?? Sandfields Comprehensive School GCSE Coursework Lyndon Twomey ...read more.

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