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Compare and Contrast the poems London and Upon Westminster Bridge - Say which poem you like best and why.

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Compare and Contrast the poems London and Upon Westminster Bridge. Say which poem you like best and why. William Blake wrote London (1757-1827) and William Wordsworth wrote Upon Westminster Bridge (1770-1850). These two poets are both Romantic poets. The word Romantic in this context doesn't mean they are poets that focus on love in their poetry. It means that they were writing during the Romantic Movement. Romanticism was the name for the movement that emphasised certain qualities in poetry. The main qualities of this type poetry were poems focused on nature, especially the beauty of nature. Poems that were also used were poems that were full of enthusiasm for the subject of the poem. The emotions and responses of the poet. Also the poet's individual responses to the world and life; poetry that expresses the power of imagination. Poetry, which celebrates the splendid rather than the ordinary. William Wordsworth is famous for describing good poetry as 'the spontaneous overflow of powerful feeling.' ...read more.


London is very beautiful to William Wordsworth and he is very enthusiastic about London. 'All bright and glittering in the smokeless air.' His enthusiasm is expressed in this quote and in this one, 'Never did the sun more beautifully steep'. Although both poems are about London, they both have very different perspectives. William Wordsworth sees London as being a very fair place. This can be show here 'Earth has not anything to show more fair.' William Blake sees London as being a city of hypocrisy and exploitation. 'Runs in blood down palace walls.' The poems explore London at different times of day. In Upon Westminster Bridge it's the morning, just as the sun is rising. But William Blake's poem it is well into the night. The poems are written in different forms. William Wordsworth's poem is a Petrarchan sonnet. The rhyme scheme is abba abba cd, cd, cd. William Blake's poem is more like a ballad. ...read more.


Especially as he looks at the weak people of this great city. 'In every cry of every man, in every Infant's cry of fear.' I find it easier to understand and this poem I find is more believable because in William Wordsworth's sonnet, London seems to be a beautiful, perfect and fair place. 'Earth has not anything to show more fair.' I do not see London as being that. I do like very much London by William Blake but I do appreciate the quality of Upon Westminster Bridge although I do find it unrealistic, as nothing can be fair and perfect. I really like the way William Blake associates things together e.g. 'infants', 'cry', 'tear'. I like the uncomplicated language that he uses in his poetry. These two pieces of poetry have completely different moods as London by William Blake is a negative view of this great city, where as Upon Westminster Bridge is a very positive view of London. They are complete opposites in mood; William Wordsworth looks at the landscape where as William Blake looks at the people. 1 Sarah Allymohamed ...read more.

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