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Compare and contrast the poems 'London' by William Blake and'Composed upon Westminister bridge,september 3,1802' by William Wordsworth.

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Liam McDermott's Poem Coursework Compare and contrast the poems 'London' by William Blake and 'Composed upon Westminister bridge,september 3,1802' by William Wordsworth. In my coursework i will compare and contrast,two poems: 'london' by WilliamBlake and 'Compoed upon Westminister Bridge,September3,1802'.by William Wordsworth.I will compare the writing styles,the writers point of veiw on the subject of London ,which both writers are writing about.Then i will try and find reason for there point of veiw by looking at both writers pasts. The most obvious contrast between the two poems are the different points of veiw each writer has of London,Blake ,writer of 'London',has a negative attitude towards london,he usea dark descriptions like; "Blackening church appalls" This sort of language is used throughout the poem.On the contuary,Wordsworth has a positive attitude towards London describing it as; "Earth has not anything to show more fair" This is a very high compliment to give to anything,in this one sentence Wordsworth descibes his Love of London in a very deep way. ...read more.


Blakes 'London' was writen in a sequence of childrens poems wich is not obvious because he refers to : "Harlots curse" which is a prostitutes curse.Wordsworths poem is writen in a tourits point of view,this shows wordsworth only refers to main attractions in london 'westminsters bridge' is in the title and he also refers to: "ships,towers,domes,fears" in describing how beutiful London is coming from the late district wordsworth may only see the main attractions while Blake would see all the back alley and unattractive sites in london ,this is a reason to say that blakes poem is a more accurate veiw of London. Another contrast in the poems are the way they are set out. Wordsworths poem is a sonnet because it has ten suilibles to a line an 14 line rymne couplets.Blakes poem is just a normal poem.Both writers use causeras.This is a typically romantic why of writing once again,it is a pause within the poem such as: "Marks of weakness,marks of woe" in Blakes 'London' an also: "Valley,rock or hill" in Wordsworths 'Composed upon ...read more.


"Could,Should,Soul,Touching" Wordsworth poem does not flow bit he is able to express himself more and his poem may have more feeling.Blake tries more to get his feelings out this is why he uses personification and caesui to descibe his feelings.Wordsworth also uses personification but not in the same way,he uses it to describe the beuty of London and Blake uses it to describe the horrible scenes in London: "Run is Blood down palace walls" he uses blood as a symbol of ugliness,describing London.wordsworths personification is used a possitive way such as: "This city now doth,like a garment wear the beuty of the morning" he uses 'garment' instead of 'clothes' to descibe London in a better way. These two quotes summerise the contrast between the two poems. To conclude,both poems have similarities,such as the use of romantic writting and the different ways of writting romantically and also what they are writting about (city of London).But when it comes to the opinions of the two writters they cannot differ.Blakes 'London' argues that London is a horrible city full of negitive veiws while Wordsworths 'Composed upon Westminister Bridge' descibes London as a beutiful place. ...read more.

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