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Compare and contrast the presentation of seduction in Marvells" To his Coy Mistress" and Donnes "To his mistress going to bed".

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The poems To His Coy Mistress (1650-1652) and To His Mistress Going To Bed (1635) which was written by Andrew Marvell and John Donne respectively, was written about a man trying to seduce a woman. In To his coy mistress, the speaker uses flattery, he compliments her natural beauty and body. The speaker compares her to valuable objects in order to make the lady feel special. The speaker also uses the age factor as a method of seduction as the life expectancy in the 1700?s was only 35 years. Similarly, in To his mistress going to bed, he uses flattery and words to make her feel special. Furthermore, both poems try to seduce the lady by not giving her time to think. However, he also uses differents methods to seduce the lady such as, showing empathy towards her and putting forward his male dominance. The speaker of To His Coy Mistress wants to sleep with the lady for passion and love whereas the speaker of To His Mistress Going To Bed wants to sleep with the lady in means of spiritual bonding. In the poem To His Coy Mistress, Marvell uses flattery and compliments to seduce his mistress. Firstly, the speaker refers to his mistress as a ? lady? which, in the 1600s was a respectful term for women of his society. This shows that the speaker recognizes her status. This word is flanked by commas and this is caesura. The caesura causes the reader to pause, this emphasizes the word ? lady? and is a mark of respect. ...read more.


From there he emerged each dawn driving a chariot drawn by four, fiery winged steeds and crowned with the aureole of the sun. Once his son, Phaethon attempted to drive the chariot of the sun, but losing control, set the earth on fire. Zeus then struck him down with a thunderbolt. Here, the speaker talks about the reality of time. He describes time as an actual person who is on ? a winged chariot? which is speeding by. By using this language, the speaker suggests that in reality, no one can have eternal life as time waits for no one and over time, everyone grows old and dies. The Latin phrase ? carpe diem? is explored. It means seize the day, this links to the writer's intention, which is to have sex with the lady before they both die of old age. Thus, the speaker?s lover would also lose her beauty and value as time goes by. Furthermore, the poem is structured as a syllogism, which is a logical argument with three parts it includes rhyming couplets which slow down the pace of the poem making the speaker?s tone of voice less threatening and the lady might want to have sex with the man since she trusts him due to his use of a logical argument which makes him knowledgeable. In the poem To His Coy Mistress, Marvell seduces the lady by telling her that intercourse is enjoyable. Firstly, the speaker describes him and the lady as ? amorous birds of prey?. ...read more.


Interestingly, colonial expedition was often metaphorically represented as conquering a ? female? territory. Not only was it described as ? woman? but newfoundlands were usually referred to as virgin lands, being the case in the poem. The speaker wants to conquer his virgin mistress by making it ? one man manned? or introduced to only one sexual partner. Modern readers might consider how natives were exploited during colonialism. Similarly, the speaker might want to exploit her inexperience. The quote is flanked by commas and this is caesura. The caesura emphasizes the speaker?s ownership of the lady. The lady might feel offended as she is being treated like an inanimate object. In John Donne?s To His Mistress Going To Bed, he uses empathy in order to seduce his mistress. Firstly, the speaker describes womens jewellery as ? Atlanta?s ball?. In Greek mythology, Atlanta rejected all suitors who could not defeat her in a race. But, Hippomenes eventually defeated her by dropping golden apples along the race trail, which Atlanta stopped to pick up. This shows that men are only interested in womens jewellery but the speaker tries to show empathy but expressing the fact that he is not like other men. The speaker encourages the lady to think that sex is about a spiritual connection in order to seduce her. The speaker describe their love as a ? hallowed temple?. The reference to the temple is a metaphor for their bed. This implies that their sexual connection will be holy and it will have it?s foundation in love. ...read more.

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