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Compare and Contrast the presentation of the deaths of Simon and Piggy

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Compare and Contrast the presentation of the deaths of Simon and Piggy The deaths of Simon and Piggy and the way they were built up and presented has a few similarities but not many. They mainly contrast and it is that which I will look at. First I will look at the death of Simon, and the way it was presented, then the death of Piggy and the way it was presented. Next, I will look at any differences, since there aren't any important similarities. Simon's death came about when he awakes and it is night. He saw the parachute rise and fall with the wind and he realised that the beast was just in fact a dead corpse. He staggered towards Jack's feast with the intention of telling them this news. The boys were chanting and dancing and were in a frenzy. In this state of excitement, they did not recognise his figure. They advanced on Simon. He tried explaining who he is and what has happened but he trips and falls over onto the beach. ...read more.


When the group had split into two and SamnEric had gone to Jack's tribe, Piggy's glasses got stolen and therefore Ralph had no means by which to create a fire. The conch was blown but only the littluns' lined up. Democracy was on the brink of complete destruction. So Ralph and Piggy went to see Jack to ask for Piggy's glasses back. After much arguing and threats, Roger pushed down on a stick and sent a big boulder flying down the cliff colliding with Piggy and sending him to his death forty feet below. Piggy's death was described with a big build up to it, giving the reader the knowledge that something was about to happen. The feeling is also given that whatever is about to happen is inevitable. All the details about the surroundings and people are spared; the only detail is the way by which Piggy died. Piggy became the sacrifice. Piggy's death was described using very childish vocabulary. This was intentional as it was being described as Piggy would speak. Piggy's death h was not done amonst much hysteria and it was meant to be. ...read more.


Simon's death was carried out in hysteria while Piggy's wasn't. This is one reason why Simon's death seems much more of a sad occasion than Piggy's- it was an accident and wasn't meant to happen. Piggy's death is also described very quickly whereas Simon's death was described in great detail after he died. His personality and his love for nature is reflected in this. It also gives the impression that even nature loves him, making him a much more likeable character. He is seen as an angel whereas Piggy is seen as a bit of a pest. These impressions are reflected in the description of their deaths- Simon's described in much more detail and Piggy's short and sweet sparing no gruesome details. The earth and moon acted as if they were mourning and missing Simon, but when Piggy died, the sea 'breathed in again a long slow sigh' as if it were glad he was gone. Every instance make Simon sound like the sweet loveable child and Piggy as the annoying horrible brat that won't be missed. Simon's personality was reflected in his death's description while Piggy's death was more narrative. Umair Khalid 4e1p Mrs. Coles 10/05/2007 1 ...read more.

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