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Compare and contrast the presentation of the reactions to the deaths in Mid-term Break and Out, Out

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Compare and contrast the presentation of the reactions to the deaths in ?Mid-term Break? and ?Out, Out? ?Mid-term Break?, was written by Seamus Heaney, an Irish poet, who lost his little brother when he was a young boy, ?Mid-term Break? is very similar to another poem called ?Out, Out? by Robert Frost, which was written about a boy and was heard about in a newspaper. In the first poem, the boy dies in a car crash but in the second poem the boy dies from shock of having his hand cut off. To tell the tragic stories the poets, use different narrative voices. The poem ?Mid-term Break? is written in the first person narrative voice therefore making the reader actually feel the feelings of the people: ???My mother held my hand in hers and coughed out angry tearless sighs???. In the poem ?Out, Out?, third person narrative voice is used which includes more of a description about the series of events which happens in the poem, an example of this is: ??the buzz-saw snarled and rattled in the yard?? Robert Frost includes a lot of detail and information about what goes on within the poem. ...read more.


Snowdrops and candles soothed the bedside??? this explains that as the next day came Seamus Heaney saw snowdrops and candles having to sooth the room which makes the atmosphere change when he saw his brother on the bed. In ?Out, Out? as the location changes with the scene the mood and atmosphere dramatically changes: ???five mountain ranges one behind the other under the sunset?the doctor put him in the dark of ether he lay and puffed his lips??? this shows, from going to a nice scene under the sunset in Vermont to a dark and horrid scene where the whole atmosphere changes. In ?Mid-term Break? the reactions to the death were very different to each of the individual people such as father, mother, neighbours and the poet (Seamus Heaney). The father?s reaction was so upsetting to him that he cried, which is unusual because he normally held the crying in and could put up with the death at normal funerals: ???my father crying -- he had always taken funerals in his stride???. The mother did not cry but made sighs which were full of shier anger while holding Seamus Heaney?s hand: ??my mother held my hand in hers and coughed out angry tearless sighs.??. ...read more.


The mood and theme changes dramatically at the start and the endings of both poems, the differences in both poems with regards to the setting were, ?Mid-term Break? the ending is set in the boys bedroom: ???I went up into the room.?? And in ?Out, Out? the ending was set in a hospital: ???the doctor?the watcher? turned to their affairs.??. I think that ?Mid-term Break? was a poem explained in allot of detail and explanation of how Seamus Heaney lost his little brother in a car crash and in the whole poem because of the certain techniques and words he has used, such as: ???no gaudy scars, the bumper knocked him clear.?? In this sentence he used the word gaudy instead of ? a terrible scar? or ? really visible scars? and he said the bumper of the car knocked him clear which explains his point on having no gaudy scars even thought the bumper of the car knocked him clear. But in ?Out, Out? there is allot of detail in the words which Robert Frost uses which also makes ?Out, Out? very interesting to read, these words would be words such as ?buzz-saw?, ?rattled?, ?sweet-scented stuff? and ?dark of ether?. But overall I most enjoyed reading ?Out, Out? because of the detail and cunning way Robert Frost presented his poem. ________________ By Hamad ZamanPage ...read more.

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