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Compare and contrast the representation of women inTo Kill the Mockingbird and Great Expectations.

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Year 11 GCSE English Coursework Un-Jung Im Compare and contrast the representation of women in To Kill the Mockingbird and Great Expectations This essay will compare and contrast the representation of women in two novels which is 'Great Expectations' by Charles Dickens which is a pre 1900's novel, written in 1860-61 and 'To Kill the Mockingbird' by Harper Lee written in 1960 and set between 1933-35. When looking at 'Great Expectation' and 'To kill a Mockingbird' I think there are many similarities and differences between the two. Both the authors have expressed their views through children's points of views; this is what makes them so similar. The novel, To kill the Mockingbird's main characters is Jem, Scout and Atticus. Atticus is Jem and Scout's father also a lawyer. He is trying to defend a black person. In the 1960s there was racial discrimination, which is, white people is better than black people. Through the novel, Atticus tries to help black people, he thought black people were the, same as white people. The plot's one part is about that, about Atticus defending black people. The other part of story is about Jem and Scout. First, Jean Louise Finch, Scout. She is storyteller of this plot, To Kill the Mockingbird. ...read more.


She is forgiven, which shows real strength of character on Pips part. She asked to help Estella out of the ice that she created around her from an early age. The end of the novel demonstrates a turn around of her character, after realizing her mistakes but it comes at too late a stage. Both Jem and Pip have been forced to go and visit the two old women. This is because Jem had cut the tops of every camellia bush, which was Mrs. Dubose, owned and Pip Year 11 GCSE English Coursework Un-Jung Im forced by his sister. However, Pip was very glad to have arrived at Miss. Havisham's probably to get away from his sister and Mr. Pumblechook, but on the other hand Jem did not wanted to visit Mrs. Dubose because he had to read to her for a month and because her house is dark and creepy from all of the shadows and things on the ceiling. The other reason for Jem visiting Mrs. Dubose was because Atiicus, jem and Scout's father, wanted Jem to help Mrs. Dubose, learn from his experience and develop humanity. In contrast to this, Mr. Pumblechook and Pip's sister send Pip to Miss. ...read more.


At last she is burnt by fire and dies in pain. However, the situations surrounding them in their deaths and the release it has given them were for Mrs. Dubose, when she dead. Acually I think not many people were feeling sad about what happened because when she dead and Atticus told to Jem, he said "Oh" and "Well." It shows that he had bad memories about her. He stayed with her for a month but he still does not like her and felt nothing when he heard that. He could be shocked for while but at last he said only that. It shows he was not sad or feeling bad about when she dies. Miss Havisham, when she died had no one except Pip. She was burned by fire very badly Pip tried to cut that fire off but at last she died. Pip was feeling sad about her, just before she was burned she was apologized to Pip that what she have done to Estella and what she have done to other people, if she did not done that maybe Pip was feeling same as Jem but she did said that and he felt bad about her death. Looking at the similarities and differences, I think that the most point's similarities and differences between Mrs. Dubose and Miss Havisham were what they are doing and how they are living and what they are going through. ...read more.

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