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compare and contrast the signal man and the red room

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Explore to what make a good ghost story A good mystery novel needs to be based on life in the past similar to the Victorian era for the reason that of industrialisation and it was an era of when inventors started experimenting and creating new and bizarre ideas. In the Victorian era many stories were based around the gothic theme. The story 'Signalman' is a ghost story, it was written in 1866 by Charles Dickens. Another example of a gothic story is the 'Red Room', which is also a ghost story or contains beings of the spiritual world written by H.G Wells in 1896. Both of these novels were written at the end of the gothic period. I will now find the similarities of both novels. The social context of the 'Red Room' and the 'Signalman' is similar; the narrator in 'Red Room' sounds smart and rich as shown in the example below: "If you will show me this haunted room of yours, I will relieve you from the task of entertaining me." ...read more.


In the 'signalman' the story continues as an ordinary story. Later in the story the signalman shares his work and how his life is. At the end there is a big bang of explosion as the signalman immobilises, because of a ghost or because he is mental. The writers keeps the interest of the reader by describing the settings and surroundings, the writers also keep the reader in suspense as the reader waits to be surprised and bedazzled. "The long, draughty subterranean passage was chilly and dusty". This phrase is from the novel 'redroom', it has the reader in an anticipating attitude to what will happen next thanks to the language Wells has used. "The gloomier entrance to a black tunnel, in whose massive architecture there was barbarous, depressing and forbidding air". The uses of adjectives are used very effectively to describe the tunnel as they give you a bigger picture of the tunnel. Wells and Dickens have tried to create traditional yet gothical stories set in castles. ...read more.


In both stories there is narration rather than a load of dialogue, in both stories the narrators are describing what is happening at the present time. In conclusion I would say the 'signalman' is a good mystery because of the language Dickens uses and the theme of the story. The way in which Dickens uses to trick the reader into thinking the story has moved on to a castle from being set at a railway line is very interesting and pleasing to the reader. The signalman is a very interesting novel as during the middle of the novel you don't know for sure whether there are two signalmen or if one of them is in actual fact a ghost. The context of the story makes it difficult to understand. The novel 'red room' is an ordinary ghost story, which is astonishing as the language and context are also difficult to understand. It is also like a new style ghost story that has a traditional theme. I would prefer the signalman because of the dramatic action and the language that encourages me to know what will happen next. The end Kashif Hussain abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz ...read more.

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